Embracing Slow Creativity

You’ve maybe heard about the whole slowing down movement and idea.

Have you ever thought about embracing slow creativity?

The idea is like the other slow movements where we slow down, notice what’s going on around us and enjoy the experience.

It’s especially great if you find life is pulling at you and you don’t have the time you wish to create.

It’s not easy. I’ve been in that place this year. My energy still isn’t quite up where it was before I got hit with this darn virus.

So I’ve had to embrace a new way of doing things. I do what I can, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Some days it’s literally a few brush stokes or stitches on an embroidery. Or a quick drawing.

I’ve discovered there are advantages in embracing a slower creativity. Let’s look at a few of them now.

Time to consider options and possibilities

Slowing down, really gives creativity time to work its magic in your mind. Frequent pauses allows time to discover your project and where you want to take it next. Sometimes possibilities need time for you to find them.

Daily work is important

It doesn’t matter if it’s snatches of time, 5-10 minutes or even less.

Even these shorts periods of time help keep your creative projects in your mind. So your mind is kept busy working on it even when you aren’t.

Fresh eyes

Returning to your projects with fresh eyes after a break, gives you a chance for new perspectives.

You zoom out of the closeness and intensity of the work and get a chance to see what you couldn’t see when you’re zoomed in. You have a chance to consider what you’ve already done and what is needed next.

Developing your artistic vision

This is really a long term project and very important for creatives, especially if you want to make your creative projects your job.

It’s really hard to have a creative vision overnight, so time is your friend. It doesn’t always come automatically, and you need to give your mind time to find it.

Sometimes we find it without thinking. Other times we need an active hand in developing it.

Time to look around you

All around you are ideas circulating.

It’s tough to see them when you’re rushing through everything. Everywhere, even in your busiest days are opportunities to find scraps of ideas to save and work through when you have time.

Priorities priorities

It happens sometimes that your creative work has to sit on the back burner. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a priority. If you give yourself those few minutes a day, even on the busiest of days or when energy is very low, it’s a signal to yourself that it’s important.

And knowing it’s a priority, helps keep you coming back.

Slow down and observe

Sometimes we really need to slow down and catch our breath. Your creativity needs it too. The rest of your life might be running like a freight train or it might have you slowed to a crawl. Wherever you find yourself. Your creative progress doesn’t have to be strangled off. There are many benefits to slow work.

Summing up

Whichever way life tosses you about, make creativity your anchor. Slowing your creativity down doesn’t have to be a losing proposition. There are some real advantages in taking the slow path in our creative lives.

Wherever you find yourself, keep that creative fire burning. Stoke it often and you will find it growing day by day.