Creative Summer Week 3

Welcome to Creative Summer Week 3! I hope this past week has been a creative week for you.

This week we are continuing to build our habit, finding our way into the creative flow. It’s that place where you have pretty well established your habit, and now it’s just making sure to show up and keep the paint, words, ideas, and expression flowing easily.

Except as you know it’s not always that easy. The creative flow is easy to lose. A few days of distraction or busy elsewhere sometimes turns into weeks, months, and years. I’ve certainly gone long periods without doing much of anything that’s particularly creative.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of rest. Creativity takes a lot out of you at times. And a rest can give you new energy.

So with these challenges, it is something wonderful to be able to get to that place where you are in your flow and showing up often, if not every day. That’s a great accomplishment in itself!! Definitely one to be celebrated.

A few questions for you to ponder as you consider what helps you get into the daily creative flow…

  • What does showing up every day look like to you?
  • What thoughts, words, ideas, inspirations help you stay in a creative flow?
  • Is there any type of art or particular medium that you are excited about working with right now?
  • Do you look to others to help you feel the daily inspiration to keep build your creative habit?
  • How do you refill your creative energy and how often do you need breaks from creative work?

So this week, I hope you will join me in making an effort to just show up every day, looking to find that creative flow, the thing that pulls you into your art and makes it easy to keep on.

Keep on creating and stay tuned for more creative goodness!!