Sunday Search for Beauty

Hello life-designers,

I hope it’s been a great week, full of growth everywhere. May you get growth in the all-important belief in yourself. That’s really the gateway to more of everything. You have to believe you can do it. You have to believe you are worthy, and that you have greatness inside you.

This week, I’ve faced a few things that I really wanted to do but have felt the usual “not good enough” thing. It’s based on fear of failure. I suppose if I do something and the result is so-so — by the standards I set — then I don’t want to even try.

That’s a lousy strategy that won’t bring me close to any goal and won’t help me grow.

So I’ve taken a few big steps. The first of which is to write again on the novel I started this summer. I fizzled out because I wasn’t sure what to do with the story, but I will never know if I don’t work on it. So I am working on it. And the thing is, I find the story as I go. It always comes, some idea. Once you have an idea, you have something to improve.

I love that feeling of creating in the moment. When I don’t know what is coming, and I just make it up. That’s living, that’s being resourceful, and that is creative flow.

I wish for everyone to feel that. Living on the edge of your life, neither in the past, nor in the future, but right now where time creates a new moment for you to make the most of.

The second thing I jumped into is painting on canvas. I’ve had a block around that for ages. I’ve struggled with the belief that a painting has to be really good to deserve to be on canvas. It is true it’s nice with something special, but if you don’t try, nothing special will ever be created, so I am doing it anyway. I still love working on paper, but I’ve decided I can do a few things on canvas, and it’s ok, whatever it is.

And lastly, I’ve finally started publishing on medium. I’ve wanted to do that for ages, and it’s the same thing that blocks me. Afraid to put my work out there because it will not be enough.

That’s a terrible strategy to live by, so I’m redesigning it to that I will find a way to get to my goals.

If you want to read my article it’s here: In Celebration of handwork.

Not only did the curators pick it up, but The Startup wanted it for their publication.

Well, I hope you join me in picking out those fears and facing them, one by one. It’s not the easiest road, but it leads to great growth. And it helps you to learn to believe in yourself.

Keep searching for the beauty within.