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Creative Flow and Commitment

Hi all! I hope this finds you feeling creativity and buzzing with ideas and fun thoughts. My thoughts are on keeping a creative flow day to day and staying committed to it. I’ve signed up again for Find your Creative Flow with the lovely Karen Abend. This will be my third year joining. I can’t …

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Embracing Slow Creativity

You’ve maybe heard about the whole slowing down movement and idea. Have you ever thought about embracing slow creativity? The idea is like the other slow movements where we slow down, notice what’s going on around us and enjoy the experience. It’s especially great if you find life is pulling at you and you don’t …

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Returning to drawing

It’s been a few months since I picked up my drawing papers and pencils. Such a shame to let so much time time slip by. But life is like that sometimes. We get distracted or start letting those voices keep us away from what we love doing. Or something else.. Enough of that! I’m working …

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