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Creative Summer Week 3 Doodling

Hello all!I hope your summer of creativity is going well, and you are enjoying some great weather as well! This week our creativity boosting idea comes in the form of doodling. It’s a great little habit to have. It fills those idle moments with some easy, low stress creativity. The key is simple. Keep it …

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Creative Summer Week 3

Welcome to Creative Summer Week 3! I hope this past week has been a creative week for you. This week we are continuing to build our habit, finding our way into the creative flow. It’s that place where you have pretty well established your habit, and now it’s just making sure to show up and …

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Creative Summer Week 2 Patterns and Textures

Hello and welcome to week 2 of Creative Summer!! This week we are working on building our creative habit as we talked about in the last post. It sometimes takes sacrifice and some serious determination to be there for your creativity, as you know. Little by little we let it become part of our everyday …

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