Summer of Creativity 2021

The autumnal equinox is officially marking the end of our creative summer. It’s always sad to see the sun fading, taking it’s bright energy away for the next few months.

It’s always good to take a few minutes and reflect on how things have gone. Take a look at where you were at the beginning of the summer and where you have come in these few months. Hopefully you will see some growth and have a few great memories to keep with you.

It’s been a time for change for me, most of it was unexpected. I’ve gone off on adventure into a different country, and it’s taken me away from my usual habits and patterns.

The changes caused a time of doubt and anxiety before I realized I had to look at the resources at hand and find a way to use them to accomplish what I wanted. It’s a sort of creativity woven into the day. It isn’t the same as doing artowrk, but it is still creative challenges.

As is finding a way to work in time for creative projects when your life has been upended.

In any case, I’ve committed myself again to developing and using creativity to find new solutions to life’s problems and to enjoy every moment as much as possible wherever I find myself. And even when life leaves me feeling unsettled, to find a way to continue doing creative work, in any form possible.

So, this ends Creative Summer 2021. I hope it’s been a good one for you! This is only the beginning of challenges and ideas for art, business, and life that await us this fall and into next year. Thanks for joining and sharing your creativity!