Fall Art Challenges

I’ve been a little quiet here lately! For two reasons. First I’ve been putting my creative and mental energy into working on my main site, The Floss Box where I have my embroidery and cross stitch pattern store. It needed some attention! Or a whole lot. It’s an ongoing project.

Secondly I’ve been quietly absorbed in new creative challenges. I didn’t even think about that I was doing a creative challenge or two. But I did set out with a goal to learn and try something new, so that’s definitely a challenge.

So my main art challenge has been working on learning watercolor roses and flowers. I’ve made some progress, much more is needed of course, but I’m happy with how far I’ve come.


The best way to learn is repetition. Sometimes boring, sometimes very slow, but it’s the place to learn and become a master.

Most artists don’t like showing their early attempts at something. I understand that feeling. It’s natural to only want to show the successes, but it’s a false pictures for those of us looking in. Reality is, becoming a master takes practice. So here is where I started. With many repetitions, practicing color and brush strokes.

They aren’t that much to look at, but they are my practices and they were really helpful trying different approaches to making the roses.

From here I went on to making little paintings with added leaves and flowers. It’s all still a work on progress, but this is where I am with this art challenge.

It’s been a lot of fun playing and learning!

Now winter is closing in, it’s time for new challenges. That needs a little thought what I would like to work on. There are so many options! I’ll be deciding really soon.

Until next time, keep on creating and having fun!