Creative Summer Week 4

Welcome back to Creative Summer Week 4. We’ve had a little intermission as life got in the way a little! Such will happen in our creative lives. There is not much to do but dust off and jump back in, and so I am, and I hope you are too if you have had to hop out.

So that is one of the main themes and ideas of the whole Creative Summer project.. Keeping it going even when you falter or get distracted. Life is going to get in the way, you’re going to be tired, feel uninspired, too busy and distracted! It’s practically guaranteed.

I’ve had long periods of creative dry spells over the years. I don’t like even thinking about so much lost time! But I have also had amazing periods of creativity flowing for hours ever day!

It will come back if you give it a chance. Open up yourself and focus on finding a little foothold to allow you to jump back in.

If you are there in the shadowed valleys, uncertain how to climb out, focus on one thing you can do to make you feel a little creative. Just a few minutes. Even just jotting down your ideas is a great place to start.

And make a little commitment to yourself and your creativity. You will find time, you will work on it. You will value your creative growth.

The Creative Evolution

This week the focus is on viewing our creative journey as a continual evolution. It’s really a series of small changes over an extended period of time. That’s how we build our creative expression. And how we learn to incorporated new ideas that carry us forward in our evolution.

It takes time to become a creative powerhouse, and that’s alright. Along the way, we build skills, learn new techniques, find new sources of ideas and inspiration, we work to really follow an idea through to wherever it takes us.

This evolution requires us to show up on a regular basis. It’s the only way those little changes can happen. We give ourselves time for the exploration and experimentation from which we grow little by little.

It is hard, as I have found at times this summer. I’ve had to spend extra time working on my business, so I’m too tired to be creative, and I sometimes have to manage my feelings to such a point that there isn’t much energy left over for anything else. It happens to most of us at some point!

So here we are again. Not ready to give in or give up. Life has quieted down for now, so it’s the perfect time to pick up those pens and pencils or your paints and other colors. Get your hands in it and get a little messy! Play and have a great time! Fill yourself up with creativity for awhile! Summer days are the perfect time to slow down for a short while and be creative.

Commit to your own evolution. Try not to let the off days bother you. Just let them slip away and return your focus to your creativity. It is always there waiting for you.