Returning to drawing

It’s been a few months since I picked up my drawing papers and pencils. Such a shame to let so much time time slip by.

But life is like that sometimes. We get distracted or start letting those voices keep us away from what we love doing. Or something else..

Enough of that!

I’m working on pushing the junk aside, so I can just do what I enjoy.

And that’s doing pastel drawings.

I love the medium even better than even my paints. Which I really do love playing around with.

I think it’s the tactile feeling of holding them in my hands. Or maybe because I have strong memories of working with them in junior high art class. I don’t know, but it just suits me.

Something like this takes maybe a couple hours for me. And time literally just slips away. I enter the zone, and I don’t want to leave it.

That’s a place of bliss. Creativity and art can take you there in an instance. All you have to do is let down the walls that keep you from it.

Well, writing about it make me want to jump in again, so time to get dusty again…

Have a creative day and thanks for stopping by!