Finding the spark within

Do you feel a little stuck? Or like your life has no forward progression?

Or maybe it just feels like there is something missing, and you don’t know what.

In short, the spark is dim, and you want to get it back.

I’ve been here too. For long periods of time. It’s frustrating when your life isn’t working, and you don’t know what to do about it.

Does it show up in all areas of your life or just one?
For me it was everywhere. Nothing was quite right, not my health, relationships, work, or anything else.

For you it might be your relationship. You’ve fallen into the grind of life and take each other for granted. Perhaps the problem is work. You feel under-appreciated or bored. Or the worst is when you don’t feel connected to yourself anymore, and it’s showing everywhere, both in big and small things.

I’ve experienced all this for what seemed like years on end. I made a little progress only to have half of it wiped away because I didn’t quite understand what needed to be fixed.

I was missing my own spark.

The creative spark within us all

You have it, I have it, and it’s waiting for us to fire it up and use it to make improve life. It’s the passion that fuels the creative expression in your life. Using it is the way to start fixing things. It’s simple but not easy.

Finding the spark

This is the first step. Some of us have been told or made to feel like we have no creative energy by others. This is unfortunate. Or we don’t see it in ourselves because we don’t match the common definition of “creative.”

I always felt like it was for other people. My brother got the “artist” label because he drew and wrote, so he got the creative life. I could never match that no matter what I did, so I gave up and said that I wasn’t creative. I even called my mom to tell her that.

I was so wrong. I was creative, as are you, no matter how you use it.

Creativity is for all of us, not just a few.

Inside you is your own spark. If it’s grown dim, then it’s time to fire it up with more oxygen.

You need to start viewing yourself as very creative, and you can use your creativity to improve your life and get more of what you want.

Let’s use a relationship as an example. We tend to start taking our partners for granted when we’ve been together for awhile. We don’t give them our full attention, we don’t do special things for them, and we don’t tell them we are glad they are in our lives.

Perhaps it just felt boring saying and doing the same things over and over. I understand this very well. I don’t like to be repetitive. But here is where you need to find your spark and engage your creativity.

You don’t have to tell your partner how you feel about them the exact same way every day. What if you tried telling them in a new way every day? It’s a creative challenge. Resist the urge to see it as hard work and view it as fun and play. Instead, make it a game, have some fun with it. Watch how they respond and adjust your approach.

Changing patterns

You have to add in a few other resources to make that spark light up your whole life.

Add in love and energy. These are three work in synergy. The more creativity, love and energy you put into your life, the more of each you have.

Your life needs all three. If you put enough in the system, you will find new things that you want to do, and you will try again if you miss your goals. Each of these things you try brings you closer to the life you want.

To your relationship, try adding more love and energy too. Practice feeling love for your partner. Notice what is great about them and tell them. Find new energy and passion for your whole relationship. A great relationship is not a freebie from life. It’s something you create, and the more creativity, love and energy you give it, the greater it can be.

Getting out of ruts

Usually, we get into ruts when we aren’t trying anything new. Changing behavior is risky and uncertain and focusing on that leads to blocks. This is how we get stuck in patterns for a lifetime. We forget we have to actually do something different if we want growth and change.

Change scares many people. It scared me, but I desperately wanted something different in my life and I didn’t know how to get it. I thought a sign would drop out of nowhere and tell me, this is the path for you to go on.

I kept waiting, and it never came. So things just stayed as they were for ages. It’s a painful way to live.

When I finally realized I would never get the life I wanted this way, I started doing things, not just thinking about them. This changed everything. But there is a catch. It didn’t change overnight. That’s too much to expect.

The little things started adding up. I started trying new things with my art, writing, business. Small things, like more social media posts, time spent developing my writing, conversations with new people, and more effort around the house.

It’s not that any one of those made a revolution, more like the evolution.

They each lead me to something new I might try next. It’s a momentum that builds as you start attempting new things. You don’t want to stop. You want to keep going and growing.

Here is where you find your spark. You add in greater creativity, love and energy into every thing you do. It’s all within you, and you don’t need to wait for anyone else to give you permission.

Your life is yours. It’s up to you to fill it with love, creativity, and energy.