Making 2019 the best creative year

Have you spent a little time reflecting on your year?

I always love to do this. I prefer to focus on what I have learned, but in my creative life, I like to think about the many ways I have expressed myself and grown too.

If you haven’t yet thought much about it, here are a few questions to reflect on:

  • How have you grown and what have you learned this past year?
  • What are your greatest creative successes?
  • What has brought you the most enjoyment and fun in your creative life?
  • What are you most proud of creating?
  • What ideas did you have that you would like to further pursue?

I hope it’s worth taking a few minutes to write down some of your thoughts. I love to journal my ideas. I keep so many notebooks around me for various purposes. It’s a lot of fun to look back at them and see the evolution of my thinking.

It’s been a great year for me creatively speaking. I have made a painting practice that has helped me improve and really enjoy the creation process.

I’ve returned to writing once again. It has developed into my true creative passion. I find that it brings me a sense of connection with myself and others that is hard to get elsewhere.

And the other major area I have finally had some major realizations about is being a creative entrepreneur. I have quite a bit to say about this and I will make future posts and continue adding to the resources section of the site. It really is wide open for creative expression, and it’s up to you what form that takes.

I have a lot of plans for developing this site. I really want it to be all about living a creative life in whatever form that takes you.

It’s a fabulous way to live, and creativity is one of those resources that is always available to you.


All you have to do is take yourself there.

I will make this one place you can always come for help in doing that.

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