Creative Summer Week 8

Welcome to another week of creativity. I hope your creativity blossoming during this period. And most of all that you are enjoying yourself.

This week’s focus is on repetition.

It’s through repeated efforts, showing up daily, and working through blocks and obstacles that we make progress and grow our creative skills. It’s the hours spent practicing our work that gives us new skills and expression.

As you may have experienced yourself, it’s not always so easy to show up day after day.

Sometimes you’re tired, feel drained of energy, lost, uncertain, or just a bit bored with the whole thing. Or life distracts you and pulls you away from your creative projects and practices.

I’ve been here too, many times. Usually I get frustrated because I don’t see the results I want, so I think I need to change tracks or take a break. When I eventually go back and look at my work, I always think I’m a fool for giving up so soon. I have to stay the course.

I have to keep trying even when things seem bleak, and even when my skills are still lacking.

And this is the most important part of advancing towards your goals. Keep on going forward, keep showing up, even when you feel like you are going nowhere.

Most blocks to our creativity and showing up begin in our minds with what we tell ourselves.

This is my favorite place to begin helping people overcome their blocks, but you have to be ready and willing to move past.

Begin by noticing what you tell yourself.

What makes it easier to show up for your creative work? And which things pull you away?

These days, I do daily mindset work to help me show up, to keep putting in the effort and to keep my eyes on the goal. I write a new story for myself every day and focus on beliefs that help me move forward.

I find that it’s really helpful for myself and others to build enthusiasm and excitement for whatever it is that you want to do. And to do that again and again without a break. It’s the easiest way to sustain an interest in anything.

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