Creative Summer Bonus Week – The transition

Hey, all creatives!

We’re doing whatever we can to delay the end of this great summer, including lengthening Creative Summer! And I hope the weather decides to keep that summery feeling with us as long as possible.

It has all gone way too fast. So many plans and goals that never got realized. That have to wait for another summer day. As we put those aside, we can look forward to making new commitments to creativity practices in the coming months.

For now, we will squeeze the last bit of enjoyment, the last bit of creativity out of whatever is left of this summer.

So this week’s focus is about transitions.

The Creative Summer project is meant to support you in your creativity. To help you know that you aren’t alone in your efforts. And to offer words of inspiration. We need that from each other now and then. I love the idea of personal responsibility, but most of us need a push or a lift from others now and then.

And that is natural. We are social creatures, so we look to each other to help us fill needs. I do too because I need that boost.

This summer has been a special challenge for me as I’ve been in a long recovery from a corona infection. I haven’t been able to do as much as I want, and I have to take more time for recovery.

In some ways it feels like I have a pack of excuses. Why I couldn’t do this or that. Although I have had to rest extra at times, I also haven’t used the time and energy I do have to my best advantage.

I’ve been easily distracted, unfocused, and not made my art a priority.

Perhaps you have felt this way at times?

If so, you aren’t alone. And it’s ok.

We can use these feelings to help us.

Instead of wasting time on regret, shame and guilt, we can look ahead. We can look forward to using our time better. To being creative in how we approach our art and creativity projects and practices. We can take the opportunity to apply everyday creativity to little problems and blocks in our way.

In short, there is many ways to make our time more creative.

We especially need it in these difficult times. The huge problems of the world can’t be solved by one person’s efforts, as you know. And it sometimes happens that each of us must face the consequences of the problems in our individual lives. And this needs creativity as well.

A summer winds down, this is a time of transition once again. It’s here we can think and plan again about how we want things to be. What needs our creativity most. How we are going to creatively function in the world we find ourselves in.

I hope you will take this chance to renew your creative spirit once again. Take the lessons you’ve learned this summer and across your life. Look again at your resources and keep asking those questions. They are important.

It’s important to embrace creativity and lean on it as we make this transition into a new season. We don’t yet know what we are transitioning into. So in preparation, we have to gather our resources, mental, physical and emotional and be ready to draw on them in new and creative ways to help ourselves and each other.

Join us as we thoughtfully go forward. Be a part of the the Creativity Mastermind community. We need everyone!! We will work forward together.