Creativity is Doing

I put together a handful of quotes to remind myself and you that creativity is something we are, something we do.

It’s an active state, not a passive state.

Creativity always comes while working! When you are busy expressing yourself, it’s natural that your mind busies itself searching for new, interesting ways to add greater expression.

This one is a classic. Waiting for inspiration is a long wait. Get active and get to work!

How often do you spend too much time thinking until you are in a state of overthinking, which is a place little good comes out of? Don’t think, don’t try, just do! You will be amazed at what comes to you.

Another reminder that working is the best way to find your inspiration. Inspiration is just another word for motivation, and motivation is driven by an emotion. Don’t wait for it, grab it and get to work.

Sometimes the only way to find new creative juice inside us is when circumstances force us to squeeze harder. Put yourself on the ledge and find a way to let your spirit rise.

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