Creative Summer Week 9 – Still plenty of time!

Here we are already two thirds through the summer.

Time flies!

I hope you have had a chance to enjoy the summer days. They are rushing past fast.

If you haven’t been a part of Creative Summer yet, it’s not too late to jump in! Creativity is really an all-year project, a life project, even.

But the summer is special. It’s full of new sights, sounds, and feelings to incorporate into your creative projects. They leave lasting impressions to be used through the year.

If you haven’t come as far as you would have liked, that’s fine. There is still loads of time to begin new projects and start new creative practices.

I haven’t come as far as I wanted on many projects. And it’s happened that certain projects have become more important than I thought they would. So it’s natural that I haven’t had time for others.

One of the things I have pushed back is my photography practice. I haven’t spent much time on it at all. But it’s not too late. It never is.

And one of the great things about “failing” is that it forces you to look for a new way to go about achieving your goals. It pushes you to be resourceful and that’s a great skill to have.

My original plan didn’t work out. But I’ve thought of another plan that is far easier and more natural to incorporate photography in the flow of my day and life. I am going to have to remind myself many times until it becomes a habit to take pictures. And I look forward to this.

Other areas have been more successful. I have spent more time on my painting projects. I am finding many new ideas for what I want to do in the future too. I’m making progress opening up my options. Which is big for me. I will continue developing this line of thinking.

I’m excited again too.

This is also very important. Our excitement helps us move forward toward what we want. It might take a little while to move from the feeling to action. It’s alright if it does. Don’t resort to shaming yourself.

Focus on the steps to the start. One at a time. Build on your excitement day by day. Cultivate it through your thoughts. Tell yourself you are excited to do whatever it is. Keep building this excitement and soon you won’t be able to stop yourself from jumping in.

It works. I use this on myself all the time. And I make progress which creates even more excitement.

So, wherever you are right now, keep on going towards your creative goals. Don’t give up if your plans go off the rails. It happens to everyone. You will find great growth in figuring out how to get back on and going again.

You will learn about your inner psychology and you will have new tools to handle derailments in the future. It’s important, just as your creativity is important.

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