20 Fabulous Reasons to make Creativity part of your Life

How often do you find yourself doing the same thing day after day?

If you feel stuck or in a boring routine or a general lack of progress, then it’s time for something different starting now. There is no point in spending your precious time in a mental rut.

You need more creativity in your life!

It’s easy and fun and there are sooo many benefits.

I hang out on the fringe of some art groups, and I hear person after person say that it changed their life. It certainly changed mine.

The moment I decided to expand my creativity, I made a giant step towards turning my life around.

And you can too.

All you need to do is decide this day and the rest of your days will be works of creativity.

Still not convinced?

Let me give you a handful, say 20 things creativity does for you


You find freedom when you decide to be creative.

Options open up as soon as you take a few moments to brainstorm new ideas. These ideas are the beginning of freedom.

Self-awareness and expression

Your personal expression increases, and it is unique and valuable. It becomes an exploration of self and what you can do and become.

Faith and confidence

As you engage your creativity, you begin to get an idea of what you can do and that brings more confidence.

Stress relief

Activating your creativity brings you out of stress mode and into growth mode.

Problem solving

Creativity is problem solving at work. This is a great skill to have in all areas of life.

Brain benefits

We all need a brain boost, and creativity builds many cognitive and memory skills.

Fun and play

Creative time is play time, even for adults. It lets you access your inner child in a very good way.

Connection with self and others

Creativity is connection to our inner selves on a deep level. And it doesn’t stop there. It opens the doors to connecting with others.

Grow, learn, and give more

The things that bring fulfillment in life are all yours when you exercise your creativity.

Sense of purpose and meaning

Your purpose here on earth is to create your life. Whatever you decide it can be is your purpose. You can bring this purpose to everything you do.

Pride and accomplishment

This is known as authentic pride, and it’s not based on getting attention or being better than others. It’s more like a calm acceptance of your efforts and growth.

Ideas and more ideas

You open the gates to the flood of new ideas when you are creative.

Improved mental health

Creativity elevates your mood and make you feel better.

Standout from the crowd

Your creativity is the perfect way to standout and be yourself.

Inspire others

Being able to inspire and uplift others is a true joy in life. Your creativity will take you there.

Improves focus

Our attention has become fragmented by the demands for attention from devices. Getting into creative flow lets you regain your focus.

Leader in your life

Be a leader in your life. Take chances and develop your own thinking about the world and your purpose in it.

Shift your focus

When you decide to be creative, you automatically shift your attention away from the things you have no control over and focus instead on those you do. It’s a powerful way to take responsibility for your life.

Heal yourself

Many people find creativity to be a means of healing old wounds, especially through artwork.

Creating new emotions

Creativity allows you to access new emotions that can influence your decisions and actions. I’ve mentioned a few already such as joy and confidence. A few more might be love, wonder, curiosity, discovery, amazement.


All the areas of your life need your creativity. It’s your gift as part of being human and engaging it brings a ton of benefits to you.

Join with us in bringing creativity to all parts of our lives and watch them grow and become something beautiful.

Each day is your greatest creative act. If you approach your day as something that you design, you can fill it with the experiences of each moment in all their beauty. Your life will be amazing.