Beauty is Everywhere

I hope it’s a beautiful week for you. Here the leaves are turning and falling off the trees.

This past week I finally started writing articles on medium. It was a little adjustment to post over there instead of my own site. I felt like I had to take my writing up a notch, which made it all stressy.

I sometimes get a little carried away when I’m excited about something, so I had to change my approach if I wanted it to work.

I realized what I need to do is relax into my ideas. I’ve been pushing and pulling too hard for a long time. Both pulling the ideas to me and pushing them away. It’s a weird mix of creative resistance and trying to corral the ideas and yank them in. It was a bit much, even for me.

I needed to update the way I approach ideas so that they flow more easily.

I don’t have to make it so hard and complicated. That’s my usual way with nearly everything. I don’t make things simple. That would be too easy. I think I learned that lesson from my mother. I definitely need to rework that program.

I like challenge a little too well, it seems, but there is little point in creating needless difficulty. Life works much better if I relax and let things flow.

It saves a ton of energy too on the push and pull. Energy that can go into expression or doing instead. Whether it’s life, writing, or something else that’s important. There is no point in making it a point of stress and tension. That only leads to blocks.

I have much better creative flow, I feel more relaxed, and writing is more enjoyable. Which is just as things should be.

I’ve convinced myself that every aspect of my life could use this approach. I have a feeling it will bring the next level of myself, and that excites me.