Creative Summer Week 12 – The Celebration

Welcome, creative friends, to the final week of Creative Summer.

In this week we celebrate our creative efforts. It doesn’t matter how “successful” you have been, every effort is worthy of celebration. Every step is a step forward and counts.

You’ve done a great job coming this far!

It’s not always easy. Making and keeping a commitment to your creativity is hard. We live in a world of distraction. It’s crying for our attention every second. There are beeps and blings and an endless stream of information to absorb and answer.

I feel it too. I’ve been distracted, I’ve been tired and unwell, I’ve been challenged by my own mindset.

These things are always going to be there. So we must find our way through them so we can use our time to build our creativity and our skills.

The best way is through commitment. That is really the essence of Creative Summer. Building a commitment to your creativity one brushstroke at a time, one word at a time, one note at a time.

Of course there are many other ways we are creative than just artistic pursuits. Creating an exercise routine, finding a way to use a tool more effectively, making dinner for the crowd day in and day out, or just dealing with troublesome feelings.

All these things are daily living and this is where we need our creativity too.

In other words, life is one big creative project. We create it in the moment, second by second.

And the more skills, the more mental and emotional tools you have, the more interesting, fun, vibrant, and expressive you can make those moments, whether you are making art, dealing with your boss, or solving a tricky personal relationship situation, the better life you create for yourself.

So, as we celebrate this Creative Summer, let’s reaffirm our commitment to our creativity once again.

Let’s decide it matters. It heals our spirits, lifts our hearts, and fills our mind with endless ideas for how to proceed and navigate our way through the high seas of life.

I honor you for you efforts, even the smallest of them. I celebrate your commitment to your creativity. Join with me in celebrating our collective creativity. Together we can solve any problem that’s thrown in our paths.

Fall is coming and with it our thoughts turn again. There is again much to do and much to create. I wish you all the best.

Thank you for helping make Creative Summer a success!

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