What is creativity


Have you ever thought about what it really?

There are all sorts of fabulous creativity quotes out there to inspire and encourage that are trying to pin it down.

But what is it really?

You use it all the time, and maybe if you could pin it down, you could expand it more easily.

It’s something we often describe as a feeling or an emotion.. “I’m feeling creative”.

Maybe understanding that will help us learn to grow it and access it whenever we want.  What if we accepted that it is an emotion and we can grow it like any other emotion if we condition ourselves to do so.  You can call up feelings of gratitude at any moment if you like, why not with creativity too?

Why not focus on understanding ourselves and our world. This is what drives us to pursue new ideas, new creations and new skills. We are curious, inventive and burning with passion and love for discovering the unknown and finding ways to make our lives better.  Take time every day to allow yourself to explore this type of thinking. You will get better as you do it over and over.

The main thing about creativity, is that it’s also all about you.

At it’s very heart, it is your personal self expression. In any field, discipline or even everyday life, it’s you applying your creativity in a way only you can, expressing your experience, opinions, ideas and perspectives.

But wait, isn’t creativity risk-taking, or creating something new, being resourceful or changing your perspective? Yes, these are all components of creativity, your creativity, and you need them all to grow your self-expression. And it’s still about you being you, as only you can be.

Creativity, is often considered the realm of artists.

What is more creative than a great painting or a classic tune? Yes, that is one type of creative expression, and you know there is so much more than only the artistic. We need our creativity in all we do, our lives depend on it because otherwise they would feel so lifeless and dull with no color and no energy.

The programmer, the chef, the engineer, farmers, they can all be artists of their realms too. Anyone that puts in a commitment to excellence needs creativity.

We need to work to develop skills at using the resources available to us to express our ideas in all areas of life, solving big and small problems to improve our lives and those of others.

So how can we be more creative?

Just be yourself. Feel your unique viewpoint coming through in every thing you do.  Your preferences, your expressions, your ideas and methods for doing things.  Bring all of it.  Think of what your passion and purpose is and how you can apply it to what you do.

This is the best way to bring your best creativity to anything.

Everything you have learned, experienced, felt and thought. These form your perspective and it changes as you add more to yourself. What comes out is a mash of all this blended together to make something unique and you. So to be more creative, be more yourself, and keep practicing and growing your ability to feel and express creativity.

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