Creative Summer 2020 Being Part of the Creative flow

Welcome to week 5

Now we are officially into summer, it’s time to make sure to get started on those projects and creative practices.

The days are warm and long, and the flowers and butterflies are all out enjoying their time. It’s your time to join them, whether it’s in the field or studio or in story or song.

It’s a lovely time and be sure to enjoy it. And make sure to really enjoy it by adding your creativity to it too.

This is the time to begin your creative journey. Wherever you are, whatever the project, it’s time to put in your time and energy as often as you can.

If you are just beginning your Creative Summer here are a few questions to get you focused on what you want to do:

  • So what projects have you chosen?
  • What creative practices do you want to build?
  • What is important for you to express right now?

I’m really excited this summer. It feels odd to say I’m happy for the chance to stay home this year. I love going new places and seeing new things and meeting new people. But the simplicity of this summer means more time for paints, papers and words.

There is so much here around me to enjoy too if I can open my eyes to see it. All of it can be material for my creativity. Everywhere there are new stories to tell through art and your personal expression.

The Flow of Life

I like to call it being in the flow of life. I’m not referring to flow state. I mean the flow of ideas, emotions, experiences that come in and flow out. We both give and take.

We are part of the flow of time, energy and ideas.

All the ideas you need are around you flowing by you right now, and at any time you can pick one up and examine it and find a new way to use it. Then you set out the reworked idea into the world for someone else to make new use of.

We both benefit and contribute. We aren’t solitary islands with giant walls preventing anything from coming or going out. That would make our own creativity suffer. Instead we let the flow come in and go out.

The better you are at being in the flow, the more access you have to ideas, the easier it is to grow your creativity. Because the more you practice using ideas and shaping them into something new, the more creative and resourceful you become, and this is really the goal.

To use what is around us.

To use what is already there in a new way.

To use what is there to fuel our own growth.

This opens up a new set of questions to ask yourself…

  • What ideas do you see passing around you?
  • What could you pick up and use if you wanted to?
  • And how will you make this summer your most creative yet?

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