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Creative inspiration

I use these thoughts as a I guide when I set to work. Maybe you do too? I think it’s an important part of keeping you in your work, and most important, in your life.  Your creative expression is really self expression and it is unique to you… so let it out!

Getting out of the box mentality

You’ve heard it maybe even tried your hardest to be as out of the box as you possibly can. It sure isn’t easy! The harder you try, the more stuck you feel, if you are like me. So what can you do about that box? Here are a few ideas on the old box problem: …

“I’m not creative”

Maybe you have thought that too.  I sure have, many times! It doesn’t have to be like this.  You are creative as only you can be, and you do this in many, many ways.  For me, it took a long time to understand this, but I did… Creativity saved my life. That sounds a little …