It’s all about YOU! It is.

When I say put you back in your life, this is where it really counts!

Your business is about you and what you bring to others that will help fill their needs.  So don’t forget to bring yourself in, and all the time.

When I started my creative business, I had no idea that I was the most important part of my business, I thought it was my products.  Boy was I wrong! But are the products what people buy you might ask?  Yes, it is, but it is only part of the whole.  You put yourself into the products, and you put yourself into your brand and your marketing of your brand.  In other words, YOU are all over ever aspect of your business, and the more you put in, the more unique and memorable your business becomes.

So put yourself in, and what I really mean are your emotions, your resources, your joy, passion, creativity, energy, confidence, and whatever else you can feel.  The more, the better! It’s your best chance to be creative, to dig deep into yourself and show your honest feelings and thoughts to the world. It might take a whole lot of shoveling and it might be scary and difficult, but if you succeed, it will help connect you to your customer.  And this and you know this is key to a successful business.

Also, don’t forget your creativity.  You gotta put yourself into your creations, whatever they are, they need you in them.  The more you can put yourself into them, the better and more unique and interesting they become, and you will grow in the process.

And the second part of this lesson, is that You MUST believe you can do it!


Not half way, but all the way. No being afraid or worried you aren’t up to the task!  You can do it!  You need to spend time developing this feeling of confidence, this feeling that you are ready to bust down walls without any fear.

This may take a mindset turn around, but I am here to help with that if you need it.  You can start by every day, telling yourself that you are talented and creative and that you will learn what you need to know to create a terrific business that helps others and fulfills you.  Every day and many times, and be sure to say it with certainty and true belief.  No skipping this. It will help you.

The times I didn’t do this, were the worst in my business, and as I gained more belief in myself, everything improved, both in the creative side and the business side. Your friends and family members may not believe in you, they may even try to stop you, but do not let that happen. I had people in my life that refused to believe in me. I had to tune them out and continue my journey. You have to believe that even when your product or marketing plans fail, that the next one will be better and that you can always do better. Believe that you have what it takes to make your business succeed.  If you can’t make it work, then go up to point one and start with some questions and ideas for how you can believe in yourself right now.