Video marketing is extremely effective in reaching customers.

Don’t think of just creating commercials for your business, rather think of it as another way to create valuable content for your customers, and another route to gain followers

What are some ways to use video?

  • Some bloggers are making each article they write into a video as well so that their visitors can either watch or read or both.
  • Do interviews with experts in the field or other inspirational people.
  • Or if you offer a service, make a video where you help someone through a problem or coach them how to work toward a desired result.
  • Tutorials and how-to’s are another possibility, depending on your field.
  • Give a tour of where you work or a behind the scenes or show some other part of the process.

You don’t necessarily need an elaborate set up to begin. A phone, some lighting and a microphone are enough to start. As you develop your business, and you can see that this form of marketing is helpful, then invest in better equipment or hire professionals.

Have some fun with it, show a new side of your brand that builds trust and confidence or any other emotion you wish to have associated with your business.