The website, marketing, products, branding, logos, content, email lists..

There is so much to think about and build when you begin your business. It is overwhelming!

Start small. One step forward at a time.

Many business develop from small side hustles. This is a great way to grow organically as you learn and find your audience. It lifts some of the burden of all the things you “must” have done before you can even start, as you slowly build.

Always things in terms of small steps, it is easy to do one small thing on your business at a time.  Learn one skill, or make one new post, or put a little time into your web layout.  Keep at it, and after a time, you will see how much you have done, and this well help keep the fire burning.

Keep at it, make a presence in your area.  You will both find opportunities, and they will come to you.