You have to face a lot as a business owner, doubts, dis-empowering beliefs, fears, and tasks that are so exciting.

But all of it, all the annoying things, the struggle of being and imposter, the persistence needed to keep building, all of it is an awesome opportunity for self-development that you must take advantage of.

This is the main point of owning a business.

How can that be you ask?  Shouldn’t making money be the main point?  Sure and it still is, but in order to have the income you wish, you must develop your skills and creativity.

You will also need to develop yourself in many areas other than the business skills. You are going to need to develop your emotional fitness which is a key part of your mindset, and your ability to connect and influence others.  These are going to be helpful in whether you work for yourself or someone else.

It will be helpful to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.  Your strengths you will rely on and your weaknesses will be something you work on.

And finally, your mindset is essential to succeeding, and this is an important part of the message from Creativity and Company. Entrepreneurship is a role we take on, and as we do, we challenge ourselves to grow into it, to become the success we want to be. This is so important in building a creative business and why it is so worth the struggle.  The growth you experience will be phenomenal if you accept the challenges and face with with all the courage and strength and determination you have.