If you haven’t learned this yet, prepare to.

You will have so many people asking you for things, and new opportunities will come along. They are all tempting, especially if you hate saying no.

Take a deep breath and start sorting things out.

If your main priority is to grow your business, then be sure to set time aside for things that lead in that direction. Many are not urgent tasks, but they are extremely important.  Writing a single blog post seldom leads to massive sales, but it is a step toward building your brand, and don’t slack with it just because it doesn’t give immediate results.  It is fulfilling to create a site full of great content that your audience will value.

The best way to manage your time and productivity is to focus on exactly what it is that you want to accomplish and why. If you are very clear about this and set out options for how to get the results you want, you can overcome the busy work and stress.  Steps towards the goal help release build confidence and relieve stress.  If your why’s aren’t strong enough, you will lose your motivation and focus quickly, so be sure you know them.