Innovation and marketing are two things absolutely critical to building a business. They can be combined to create a new, unique marketing strategy. One that will set your brand apart.

You can read and try all the standard ideas. They are easy to find. But isn’t it much better to be bold and inventive and create your own marketing ideas. There are so many ways to reach customers and build a brand identity that is unique.

We can do this by realizing our own creative potential. You have unique experiences and perspectives that can be used in your marketing.

Creative marketing is injecting your own self into your marketing. Try something fun and playful, or consider ways to created a brand that is compassionate and caring.

Where to start?

Questions. Begin asking yourself a few questions and you will find some answers.

What do you want your brand to be associated with?

What juicy outcomes do you want to offer your customers?

What emotions will drive your customers to buy from you? How can you remind your customers of them?

What resources do you have to reach your customers? Here you can be creative. Choose some unexpected resources. Notice what is around you, and ask how could it help you market your products and services.

What information can you give your customer about their area of interest that will help them and establish you as an expert and a resource.

Take a few ideas and ask yourself how they could be further developed. Which of your resources you could inject into them to mold them into something that reflects your brand.

Make your marketing part of the story you are telling about your brand. Is it bold? Then find a bold strategy. Is it whimsical? Then find a whimsical strategy. Use marketing strategies that extend the narrative.

This is to get you started. Keep asking yourself what you can do and you will find new answers.