You must know what you are after.

Don’t let the forces around you knock you off your track.

It will guide you and give you strength to go on when it all seems like a failure. Trust me, I have been there so many times! My why keeps going, and it makes it possible to put my whole heart into my business.

Be clear, be honest, and be BRAVE!  No chickening out about why you want to do this adventure.

If someone asks you why you want a creative business, your answer needs to convincing!  Especially to yourself.

To find your why, start doing just that. Ask yourself why you want this?  If you have already started your creative business, and you haven’t thought about this, now is a great time.

This is deep work and you will need to peel back many layers to get to what is your core motivation. You really need to understand how your business relates to your fears and desires. If you think it’s just to have money and job, look deeper, there is much more driving you, and many of these are feelings take time to discover. This will help you learn about yourself and how to use your why to keep you motivated in the hard times. And as I said above, it will help you throw your emotional energy to make something incredible.

For me, it actually took years to finally sort out why I wanted to do this.  There was the obvious, to make some money and do it on my own terms.  That’s still there.  When I finally went deep down to my real needs, I realized, it’s part of a sense of certainty in life.  That I COULD make an income on my own, no matter where I lived, and I could do it in a way that satisfied and fulfilled me. The creative aspect fills my need to be unique, to have my own voice and expression, and the to be able share it and contribute and help others in a meaningful way.