The dreaded F bomb.

Fail is a four letter word.

This is one of our biggest fears. It chases us in our minds and hearts daily daily.  It keeps us from feeling more, from pursuing our passions and true purpose.  We let it come between us and our vision of what we want things to be.

Every one of us fail somewhere along the way, usually many times. It’s part pushing past safety and security, beyond what we already know what to do.  But out there in the edge is where the growth is, where you can fail hard, but get up and learn, and try once more.

Of course you can stay safe with what you already know, it pays the bills and keeps thing running, but there is no joy, no excitement and little growth here.  Failing is painful, but so is standing in place.  There is so much to learn in failing, and so often our failures aren’t as bad as we think they are. If you magnify them in your mind, they can become gigantic monsters ready to swallow us all.

Don’t let that happen!

Shift your mind.  The antidote to fear is courage.  And it is very courageous to do something risky and face failure than distract yourself or numb yourself from the pain of not doing anything.

Remember that failure is a step forward.