You have an idea that excites you to think about.

You’ve researched your potential market.

You have even developed a few products.

And still you wait.

And wait…

How many of you have been there? I know I have. It’s hard to even put your finger on what exactly it is that shackles you.

Skills? A perfect website? Guaranteed income? Beautiful packaging and logos and branding? Permission from someone that it’s ok to pursue your dream?

This is your life!!   Don’t wait to meet some unreasonable standard of perfection. Instead figure out what exactly you want to do and why you want to.  Then ask, what is the cost of not pursuing this dream?  Hopefully these questions will give you the fire in your soul to know that you are ready now and not let to delay any longer.

Take a deep breath and know you can do it, one little step at a time.

Jump in. Learn as you go.