This is key to your business.

What you create, the products and services you offer – these you must have some feeling for.  It’s not just that it will sustain you in hard times, but what you feel for, you be able to bring more passion and into and this really matters.

Some say follow your passion or better, follow your purpose, others say just do something that you know you can sell.

My view is to do something that you enjoy and that you would really like to learn more about, because this will be an extremely important part of having a business. You must be willing to do it a lot and to develop your skills at it.

I started out working on a hobby that I loved, so it was my passion for sure. In time though, it morphed. I still enjoyed it, but it wasn’t necessarily my biggest passion. I realized for me it was helping people learn and develop their own creativity and build businesses. I really burn for this.  In running my business, I also learnedd that the thing that really charged me up was selling what I created. That was so exciting, it could have been anything I created.

So if you are looking for your idea or maybe a new direction in your current creative business, think about what you love/like and what you can imagine doing a lot of and learning thoroughly.

Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious and that is why you need to choose carefully.