Here is where a great coach can help you. So much of running a business comes down to mindset, what we believe is possible, how we feel, and the decisions we make. It requires a certain amount of self-awareness, which can be hard to develop if you aren’t willing to slow down and discover your thoughts. We often aren’t even aware of the things we are telling ourselves about what we can do, and how that might diminish what we are willing to do.

Here are a few things to help you.

Get your reason why. Why are you in business. Why are you selling this particular product or service. Find compelling, empowering reasons that will drive you, especially when things are hard.

Manage your emotions. Nothing like the ups and downs of business to really challenge how you feel and what you are going to do. When you are in a down state, you will not see opportunities, you will not make the best decisions. You won’t even see what is possible. We all have negative feelings. Figure out what they are telling you and get yourself into a better place.

Influence yourself first. There is a lot packed in this statement. Essentially, make sure you are influenced first by your message and brand. Feel it in your mind and body. You need to believe in what you are selling and the benefits of it. In other words it’s hard to sell something you haven’t deeply experienced yourself.

What are you telling yourself? Get curious about your internal dialogue. If there are ideas you are rejecting, find out what they are. Are some of them not especially helpful? What do you believe about your own abilities?

Separate yourself from your marketing. I had the opportunity to coach a friend who thought she was marketing herself and couldn’t stand it. I helped her see that she was not really marketing herself, but a set of skills. And those skills could help others, so it was a good thing to make sure people were aware of them. It helped her break through her mindset, so she could let people know the skills she offered.

Set yourself up for steps forward every day. Businesses can take a couple years to develop. Allow for that and be sure to reward yourself for even the smallest victories along the way. Know that the journey is most important and what you learn is invaluable.