Remember you ARE your business, so be sure to bring yourself.

What you can focus on, especially if you are at the start, or are struggling and need to take your business to the next level, is injecting more of your passion and heart into your creativity (developing your products) and marketing.  There isn’t really a right way to do either of these, so many paths will lead you to your desired outcomes.  Do things your own way and learn to adapt as needed so you keep growing.

Your customers are often looking for someone to connect with, and they are more likely to buy from someone they trust.  Let them get to know the person behind the business too.  I started my blogging years and years ago when it was common for people to want to be very private with what they revealed about themselves online.  Those days are long gone! People want to read about others! And one thing most of us love is knowing we aren’t the only ones struggling trying along.

I struggle! We all struggle, don’t be afraid to share them, and especially how you overcame your struggles.

One of the great keys to living a good life is managing your mindset.  If you let it defeat you with negative thoughts and beliefs you aren’t going to share yourself with the world and properly build a business.  Don’t let the hurdles and failures become a story you tell yourself.  Learn from mistakes and leave them in the past.  That’s all you need to do.  Focus on doing what you do with more heart, more gratitude, more giving to others and it’s going to really help your life improve.

And one more thing, think of the person you dream of being, whatever it is, the artist, the successful entrepreneur, a social media super star, think of those steps you need to get there, not just the end point.  Chunk them down into actions you can take every day.  Make sure you have clarity in focus and your purpose.  They will guide the little steps towards your dream.

Creating your business is an evolution most of all, and it is not just your business that needs evolving you and your creativity do too.  Each step of your evolution is reason for a little celebration, be sure to take time to do this.  Make it fun too, so you are enjoying the progress you are making.  After each little evolution, you can expand yourself and set a new standard to work towards.