Do you need to do internet ads? Or other types of ads?

That’s a great question. It depends entirely on your business. If you have a physical store, you most likely do want to do advertising, but there are many other tools available that I would start with first.
Don’t do internet advertising just to pull people to your site be fore you have any products to offer.

Wait on that until you have something to sell first. There are plenty of free options to get visitors and followers to use first.

It can be hit or miss with advertising. Most internet ads involve paying by the click, and most clicks don’t go anywhere. It just burns money. But paying for 100 clicks and getting one sale could be worth it, and again, it depends on your area and your business.

I waited quite a while to use internet ads and I use them sparingly. I take advantage of the statistics to tell me if they are at least paying for themselves before I decide to keep them running.

Use those statistics to find out where you business is coming from. I found that I get a lot of traffic from Pinterest, and that’s a free resource I can use to help me.

If you do try online ads, experiment with keywords since this is the basis of the search ads. A different keyword or a different text can make a massive difference. And be sure to watch your daily budget. It is mighty easy to get quite a hefty bill if you don’t carefully consider how much you can afford.

Be sure to take advantage of free and low-cost opportunities to advertise and spread the word. Flyers and posters in your town or try the classified ads too. Many of those cost little or are free.