Your life needs your confidence

How is your confidence?

Let me ask another question, Does it feel good or at least ok to be you?

Our confidence is often tied to our self-worth. You have to believe you are enough in order to feel confident in your abilities and skills. Most of the time we rely on either praise from others or an accomplishment to allow the confidence in.

The problem with the first is that you put your confidence in the hands of others, and the second, you put the bar too high. The only thing that you really need to do is to reprogram your mind to believe in yourself. Whatever voices, beliefs or old stories that make you doubt yourself need to be squelched.

Your confidence is important for your life, and if you don’t have enough, it’s one weakness you will have to take on if you want to get to the next level of yourself.

Level yourself up by your confidence

Your confidence in yourself is enough in itself to take you to the next level of life.

Of course, you will need to do more, achieve more, grow more, but you will have a hard time without believing in yourself because without confidence, you never try.

Taking a new step forward always tests our drive and motivation. Your mind will slam on the emergency brake if you don’t have a way to keep going. It’s your confidence in yourself that carries you forward.

The thing is, you don’t need confidence in any particular skill to take the next step. The only thing you need to believe is that you can figure it out as you go.

The facts about confidence

A man by the name of Albert Bandura noticed that people of similar skill got wildly different results when working towards goals. He realized it came down to self-confidence. He showed that it was an important predictor of success because confidence does these things …

  1. it makes you expect to succeed
  2. it allows you to take risks and set challenging goals
  3. it helps you keep trying if at first you don’t succeed
  4. it helps you control emotions and fears when the going gets rough (source:

In other words, confidence expands you and your possibilities.

It allows you to chip away the walls and limitations you put on yourself and what you can do. That’s why you and I need more of it.

Right now.

Don’t deny yourself this.

Build your confidence now

Here are a couple of my best tips to build your confidence now.

Make a decision to be confident.
It’s simple.

Decide you are confident. There is nothing special separating you from someone that does have confidence other than that they decided to believe in themselves.

Watch your thoughts

Every time you catch yourself saying something negative about your ability or telling you to quit, squelch that voice right away. Replace it with something new, a belief in yourself.

You have to be willing to do this over and over again until the brain learns you decide what you are capable of, not the fear center.

Reprogram yourself

Take responsibility for your mind. It’s your greatest asset if you learn to use it. Most of us never do. We let out minds use us, rather than the other way around.

Reprogramming is a matter of telling yourself repeatedly how things are. If you can do this right before you fall asleep it works even faster. Write out some affirmations and repeat them several times. Don’t just say, “I am confident.”

Instead say something like this: “I become more confident every day. I believe in my ability to handle what comes my way. I will keep trying until I succeed. I am grateful to be strong.”

Make sure to put in emotion in your words. No bored monotone.

Your brain will have a much easier time swallowing this than something that is a huge jump.

Envision it

Many people that achieve anything of note do vision work.

You can too. Picture yourself as the confident person you are. Feel what it is like to believe in your ability to do harder and harder things. Feel it, breath it, experience it. Take five minutes every day to sit quietly and see confidence vividly in your mind, exactly how you want to be. Your mind will believe it’s true.

Rein in the anxiety, worry, and fear

These are confidence destroyers.

You can’t control everything, not even with enough confidence. Instead of picking the worst-case scenario, just relax and let things unfold. Know that you can handle what comes, even pain and confusion. Everything teaches you and makes you better.

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Your life needs your confidence. You need your confidence. It has a profound effect whether you reach your goals. Don’t leave this to chance any longer, don’t leave it to others, and don’t leave it to achievements.

All of those are nice, but confidence and belief in yourself comes from within.

You can program yourself for confidence right now if you want. It’s not hard, but building an unshakable confidence requires daily work, just like taking care of your health.

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