You are a creative agent

Think about living a life where you can see the limitless possibilities from which you can create anything you want.

You need a creative agent.

The only person that can do the job is you.

You are already the creative agent in your life. You create your thoughts, your emotions, your decisions and what it all means. You are doing it at every moment, so don’t tell yourself you aren’t creative.

You are extremely creative, whether you see it or not. So let’s take responsibility for this job starting this moment.

Become a creative agent.

What do you need to do?

As already stated, you are already doing it, but let’s start with calling yourself what you are, a creative agent.

You can be more proactive and intentional about it, and own the job. You are not just living a life, you are not just going through the motions, you are an agent in the creation in your own life.

Whatever your thoughts, emotions and actions are, you are the creator of them along with everything else…

  • beliefs
  • attitudes
  • inner narratives
  • your to-do lists
  • your daily experience

This is one of the most empowering labels you can take on because it gets you out of victim mode and into creation mode.

We live in a victim culture where it all just happens to us.

Something goes wrong, so you have to feel badly.

Someone was mean, so you have to feel badly.

Someone gave you pain, so you have to be stuck in it for weeks.

All this is indeed unfortunate, but to let it control your inner experience is giving away too much of your creative power.

You are a creative agent.

All these pains you experience make you grow. Be creative in how you grow. Choose to create a thought that while, yes, it is painful, you will recover and be stronger.

Think of the things from your childhood that you carry around that make you feel unworthy. A parent that ignored you, a sibling that was favored, you didn’t get chosen for something. Nearly everyone has a multitude of experiences that leaves us feeling unworthy. It’s a pain that you carry everyday and get to experience on repeat forever.

Wait… you don’t have to do that anymore.

Create something new. A new thought. You are worthy of love and attention. You are good enough.

This simple step is the way to create the life you want. One thought, one emotions, one experience at a time. The past is not where you want to be. The present is where you can create the future.

What are the benefits to becoming a creative agent?

This job comes with many benefits you get to experience from the first day you take it on.

  • your thoughts are yours now
  • get out of the box the past stuck you in
  • your potential is now for you to create
  • it’s your life, you can do it your way
  • create emotions that take you towards your goals
  • you express yourself more fully
  • you think differently
  • when one thing doesn’t work, you find a new way
  • you don’t waste your time trying to be like everyone else or to get their approval

Using your creative agent

Your creative agent will help you in your life and every area of it. Every goal, every new reality, every bit of growth, you now create.

Bring your creative agent to your roles.

Go beyond just being a parent, and be a creative agent with your child. Your creative agent will go to work finding new possibilities that you can both experience.

You can bring your creative agent to your job or business. Blow the lid off your limitations with creative thinking.

Bring your creative agent to your health and fitness. Imagine what else you can do to create greater health and strength in you body. Find new mindsets that will help you stick to your goals and plans.

As you think about what you want out of life and make your life design, bring your creative agent. Think outside the conventional narrative as it suits you.

Create the new thoughts you need to boost your growth. Find new ways to express yourself each day.

Remember, you can become a creative agent no matter where you are in life. It doesn’t matter your age, or where or how you live. Right now you can open your possibilities.


Become a create agent in your life. Start now creating thoughts, emotions, actions and experiences you need to grow.

Bring your creativity to your problems and create new solutions and possibilities for what you can become.

Don’t accept living in victim mode. You aren’t a victim in life. You create your inner experience and decide what things mean.

All areas of your life need your creative agent. Decide what it is you want to create and put yourself to work making it happen. Get rid of the old patterns and set in new ones that empower and create more growth.