What’s holding you back?

Do you find yourself able to take consistent action towards building your dream business?

If you aren’t, then chances are you have something holding you back. And it’s very likely an inside job. And the most likely cause is fear.

This aspect of your mindset needs attention if you want to build your dream business. You can’t allow anything to put limitations on you. Definitely not fear.

If you struggle with fear, you are not alone. I’ve seen so many that have similar problems. I do too. Even when I push through one fear, there is another lurking behind. Another fear to push through.

One by one, you can overcome the things that hold you back. It is possible, and your business will grow if you do.

Excuses create limitations

Are you waiting for the perfect time, the perfect idea, the perfect security, the perfect clarity?

You won’t find any of this. There is no perfect anything when it comes to your business. Everything is risky and uncertain. There is never any guarantee you will get a return on the investment you have made.

Waiting for the perfect anything is nothing but an excuse that makes it ok to do nothing. I understand this perfectly. I have my own pack of excuses I can whip out at any time to justify not working on my ideas or not taking action. It’s so easy to excuse not making a small step forward.

My own personal favorite is that I need a little rest to recover energy and creativity. Or that I need to conserve energy for what is coming. (Which I never know.)

The truth is that I need to work to get new ideas and new energy.

I must take action and make an effort and it’s nearly always true for me that a pack of new ideas just spring up as I go. When I take a holiday, I get zero ideas. I drift and do accomplish little. Of course, breaks are necessary, but I’ve realized I need to be careful with them. Short breaks are far better than long ones.

And when I hold back, it’s usually to save energy for something. Maybe just to make it through the day. Or to not give too much of myself or something of this nature. I never know what I am saving my energy for, and yet I do it all the time.

You can see how my excuses limit me. It limits my creativity, how much I can accomplish, how much of myself I am willing to give. And this in turn limits what my success will be. I can do without these limitations.

Excuses are based on fear

Nearly all of your excuses are really your fear talking. You can see I am afraid that I will not have enough energy. It does actually permeate my life in other areas too.

I can learn to bust this up if I want. Just like you can bust up what makes you afraid.

Fear is just another emotional state. This one comes up from your lower brain. The part that is designed to protect your life. Running a business is not life-threatening in your case (so I hope!) You don’t need to be in fear. It won’t save you from anything that you really need saving from.

This safety keeps you from trying. It keeps you from doing more. It keeps you from growing, and it keeps you from having your dream business.

Your fears essentially form the limitations of your existence.

What can you do?

Limitations are artificial

Understand that the limitations you have set up are artificial. They only exist in your mind. You can cast them away whenever you want. You may have beliefs and experiences that prop them up, that appear to justify them. If you study those, is your fear truly justified? Can you think of new experiences that would create new beliefs that might remove the limitation?

If I wanted, I could act like I have unlimited energy. I could write more, express myself more, I could be more creative. I can do any of this right now. And while I may use up some energy, I will get more. There is always more for me.

Build awareness

The first step toward overcoming your fears is to create an awareness. Often we don’t even know exactly what is stopping us or keeping us from achieving what we want most.

Start with a few questions

  • What is it that you fear?
  • What is it that is keeping you from doing whatever it is you want and need to do?
  • What beliefs is your fear based on?

Fear is a universal human experience. I’ve talked to so many people that are afraid of something. And these people are coaches. They have an idea already about what fear does to people. They want to solve it, but they also keep it close. Let go of fear.

Study the emotions

Start observing the emotions that come up when you think of the fears you have. Get to know them. Even the uncomfortable ones. Don’t get lost in them, just study them and understand your own patterns.

  • What do you feel?
  • What do those feelings make you do or not do?
  • How is this affecting your willingness to do something?

You can learn to relax that part of you that feels fear and discomfort. Don’t try to stifle the fear or resist it, just let it be and then let it fade. Keep observing yourself as you do.

When you understand your patterns of emotion, you can begin to let go of them and embrace more helpful emotions.

The more you practice this, the more you will be able to get around your fears and do what you want. I’ve practice doing just this and it truly helps with any fear that comes from creating something new, which your business is. It is step-wise process that works.

Write it down

This helps build your awareness too. Journal your fears. Put them into words, and they will feel much smaller. They are no longer giant shadows in your mind, but simple words now. They become easier to take care of when you do this. Give it a try!

Start taking action

There isn’t much else to do but to realize fear is only in your mind. You have constructed it to keep you safe, and it has no business limiting your experience.

Small steps are always the best way to begin anything. It’s how you build momentum, and how you learn to deal with fear. Your confidence will grow, as will your ability to cope with your fear and emotions.

The more you do it, the better you will be at it. The more of your limitations you will tear down.

Notice the results

Take time to notice your progress. It’s worthwhile to reflect on how far you have come. It helps build courage and strength for further challenges ahead. And it helps you to see how flimsy your limitations truly are.

When you take action despite fear, you make progress. You can do anything you want when you take away the limitations.


Waiting for everything to be just perfect before you take action on your ideas is limiting your potential. It is allowing you to give fear a space in your life. It keeps you locked in place.

Don’t let this happen.

The best strategy to overcoming fear is to create an awareness of it, how it feels, and what it is based on. When you do this, it brings the fear down to size. It becomes surmountable. And even if you can’t surmount it, you can go around it.

Leave the fear where it is, and move forward.

It’s your choice. A life without limitations or staying safe with what you know.