What makes you feel alive?

This is the first in a series of short posts designed to get you thinking about your life.

With the day to day grind of life, we sometimes forget to prioritize how we feel. Nothing is more important than making sure you feel as good as you can.

How you feel influences how much you get done, what you are willing to do, and in the long term the course of your life.

Time is way too short to spend feeling badly. I know a lot about this. I spent years lost and confused by life. It’s hard to look back at those years and not feel badly about the time and the unnecessary pain I suffered.

But that’s a lesson learned.

I realize how important it is to find what makes us feel alive. For me it will always be using my creativity to make things, to express myself, and to practice ideas for making life better and more interesting.

I hope you spend a few minutes thinking about what makes you feel alive and then to make sure you get time for that on a regular basis. When you feel alive the world sings with you.