Top two reasons people don’t start a blog and how to overcome them

Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your business’s web page.

This you know. And if you are on top of your blogging. That’s terrific. Keep going and growing. If you feel stuck, this might help you too.

For all those that want to start a blog but don’t, there are two huge reasons why you don’t. Perhaps they are familiar:

  1. You don’t know where to start.
  2. You don’t know what to write about.

Many of us that have contemplated blogging go through this phase of doubt. Even people that have already built a blog and want to start a new project sometimes get stuck here too.

These problems are normal, and they only become troublesome when you get stuck in them.

Here I offer help on how to go around each of them. And a few things to help you keep on your track, so you don’t get stuck again.

You don’t know where to start

You want to write. You need to write.

But you feel blocked at every turn. So many decisions, so much you need to know first. You don’t even feel comfortable with writing.

It is easy to feel so overwhelmed that you end up in a pattern of procrastination. I felt this too. I delayed starting a blog I knew I wanted to have for well over a year. I just didn’t feel quite right about starting it.

There is an answer, and you’ve heard it already. It’s so simple.

Start where you are

You don’t need a fancy site.

You need something to record your thoughts. Pen and paper, a computer, or you can record your voice if that works better for you and write it out later.

But start expressing your ideas. This is the key to starting. And it’s the only thing you need to focus on when you begin.

I knew I wanted a blog, but wasn’t sure I was ready to start a site yet. I didn’t know what I wanted it to be, but I had stuff I wanted to say.

So I got pen and paper and started writing. I wrote an article a night for many weeks. They were intended to a resource for future articles. Drafts, if you will.

They weren’t especially well written or thought out. They were just thoughts, and that was a great start.

I got used to expressing myself, I got used to writing articles, I got used to having a regular habit of writing. It’s the best place to start when you feel uncertain.

Eventually, I felt ready to make a live site. By then I had decided what I wanted to write about, and I now had a habit of writing out my ideas.

The funny thing is that none of my intended article drafts become articles on the blog or even the basis for one. Maybe in some incidental way the writings are related, but my drafts are still sitting in a notebook unused.

They served their purpose, which was to give me a place to start. Something I didn’t even realize I needed at the time.

So now you have your writing practice, and you feel much better about where to start a blog. Now for the second problem.

I don’t have any ideas for what to write about

This is also super common. In fact, it’s the plague of all writers and creatives.

Having an idea

Some manage to solve it, others fight constantly. For others of us, it’s a recurring problem. We manage for awhile, then suddenly there is a frightening lack of them.

In other words, this feeling is normal.

I’ve written about how to become an idea source here and here. The ideas here are largely new.

The thing with ideas is that they are in fact all around you. You can get ideas what to write about from anything. Here are a few possibilities:

Take a story about someone that did something interesting. What lessons are there in it that are related to your blog? Can you make a connection to that lesson and your subject?

For instance, I read yesterday about a guy who is an anti-influencer. He owns an ice cream truck and got sick of influencers asking for free ice cream, so he made a sign that says influencers pay double. I thought it was so funny. Such a great response to a problem. To me the story, isn’t just what happened, I also saw someone that had firm boundaries and didn’t give into people-pleasing. And he got an even bigger payoff than he possibly could have from some influencer that can’t pay $4 for ice cream. His story went viral and his business doubled.

A story like this could be a post in many different contexts if you connect the story to something else. Like personal development (burn down the people pleaser) or unusual marketing that is wildly successful.

Read a variety of stuff

I can’t emphasize this enough. Read all you can. Make it a daily practice to read something interesting, inspiring, motivational, or just amusing.

I might see one idea in an article that I can expand. Some ideas briefly mentioned somewhere, are big enough to explore in a whole book. And this comes from just one little sentence. That’s all it takes. And it doesn’t just come from related subject material. It can come from anything.

Shift your focus

Where focus goes, energy flows. Remember that.

When you are focused on finding good ideas to write about, you find them. Because you are always looking for them. I get more ideas than I can keep up with right now. That’s not always the case. I have dry spells too.

And when that happens, I start asking myself

  • what is interesting to write about
  • what is fun to write about
  • what is something new to write about

These types of question make your brain start looking, and so you find answers.

Talk to people

People are a rich source of new ideas to write about.

You can do interviews, Q and A, advice from experts, and so on. And others give you new perspectives on old ideas.

I’ve talked to a lot of different coaches, and each of them gives me something new to contemplate. Often it’s just a seed that is planted and will bloom into something completely different later. Other times, I find an interesting story or example.
These conversations always enrich me regardless if it leads to a new idea.

Get to writing

Don’t wait for inspiration to come to you. Go after it while writing and creating.

It’s really true. More ideas will come.

They may not come while you write, they often come at other times. It’s a natural part of the rest/work cycle. Your mind is actively engaged in your creative work, then you rest from it. And in the resting period, your subconscious is still working away and will deliver you with flashes when you least expect them. It’s magical when this happens.


If you want to start blogging to help your business, now is a great time to start your writing habit.

You don’t need anything to be perfect. You only need to start where you are.

You will improve, and as you learn and get used to writing, ideas will flow freely. Well, even if they don’t flow freely, you will find them when you need them.

If you are waiting to start a blog for any reason, it’s probably attached to a self-limiting belief that you need to discover and get rid of.

You can write. You can express yourself and do it well. Just be yourself and jump in with the rest of us.