Getting out of the box mentality

You’ve heard it maybe even tried your hardest to be as out of the box as you possibly can. It sure isn’t easy! The harder you try, the more stuck you feel, if you are like me.

So what can you do about that box? Here are a few ideas on the old box problem:

Just be in it and accept your fate! Come on, most of us spend all our time there, it’s safe and comfy.  But I’m creative you say! ok ok, here are some things you might do with that box..

Step out, just as the old metaphor says. You can do anything, be anyone and your imagination is limited. You’re free of rules and no longer confined.

Be the box!  Yes, you are the box.  What does that mean? I have no idea, a friend suggested it.  Perhaps if you are the box, you can imagine that you are made up of a whole bunch of smaller boxes that are all connected by little threads and fibers.  I’m pondering that one right now.

Explore every inch of the box you find yourself in.  That’s right, do you in fact know your box all that well? I am betting that most of us don’t

Make a box within a box.  Yep, you can do this easily using constraints.  Limit your resources, but be resourceful in how you use them. You can really learn a lot with this.

Re-engineer your box!  Why not get handy and rebuild the walls, move them around and make it new.

Stretch that box!  Stay in that box, but make yourself bigger by expanding and make that box grow with you.

Decorate it! Take that box you have and paint it, color it, make it fun and playful, whatever you like, it is your box after all. Have a blast!

Visit a friend’s box! Step on in and have a good look around what it’s like to live in someone else’s box. I bet you don’t see your own quite the same way afterward.

Multiply them! That’s right, get yourself a whole series of  new boxes you can hop between.  Hopefully they will be full of random surprises for you to discover in them.

Or build a new box and hop right in and see how life changes, if it changes or maybe you’ll find you still have yourself with you..

If all this is no good and you really want to be out of the box, then why not just smash up that box so you can never go back in.  Perhaps this is where real creativity is found – out on the edge.

Or maybe you have the power to be creative no matter where you find yourself, and you just need to gather together what you already have, your joy, love, passion, energy and excitement, and put it to work for you as you grow your self-expression.

And one final thing.. Why not look around your life and see all the “boxes”, big and small, and consider just how useful some of them really are. Get curious, get interested, and most of all, have fun!

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