The Secret to a Great Mindset

The secret, I’ve discovered is practice!

This is often forgotten when it comes to having a great mindset. It’s not an exciting message, but it is important. Having a great mindset needs daily practice. I’ll return to this shortly.

What is a great mindset? Do you make sure you have one?

This is a questions I have been asking myself over and over in my quest to improve my own mindset.

My working definition is that it’s any mindset that allows to progress toward goals and dreams through daily action by breaking out of fear and worry. And all steps count, no matter how big or small.

What are the aspects of our mindsets that affect our willingness to take action?

It’s really a collection of different things, and the mix of them is individual, but for the most part, I think of mindset as a collection of the following:


I told a coach I was talking to that our beliefs steer our actions and what we become. She was resistant until I gave her a simple idea of how it works. If you believe people are potential friends or if you believe they won’t like you, you will behave much differently towards them, depending on your belief. It’s that simple.

Beliefs influence what you will and will not do.

Stories we tell ourselves

What stories are you telling yourself?

When you reach into the past are you looking for memories that build you up in some way or tear you down?

If it’s the latter, it’s time to stop. Find a story of confidence, creativity and success. You have instances in your past where you acted with each.

The meaning we give things

Things happen in the world and people do things.

How do we know what they mean and how we should feel about it?

We make a decision.

Two people can look at the same event and get radically different meanings from it. We want to find meanings that empower us to action. If a customer decides not to become a client, then they just aren’t ready, and it has no bearing on the quality of your products and services.

What we focus on

What we focus on determines how we feel about ourselves and the world.

Will you focus on the what you can learn? What the benefits of the situation is? Or what is fun about it? Think of a something you really don’t like doing, and ask, what about it could be fun about it? What do you learn from it? Change the question, change your focus, and find something good about anything.

What we are willing to do

I mentioned this in our beliefs, and it’s such a big part of our mindset that it deserves to be mentioned again. If you feel resistance to something you know you need to do, ask yourself how come? What can you discover about what your blocks are. Is it a bad attitude, fear and doubt, or even a lack of knowledge?

The emotions we feel

How you feel is a big deal. Managing emotions is so important because they influence actions so strongly. If you feel sad, depressed, angry or frustrated, how willing are you to engage your creativity and find a solution? If instead you feel energized, passionate, excited, how will your willingness be now?

This is the basic list. In short, our mindset is really about how we feel about problems and challenges, what other people do, what life does, and what it means and whether we decide to take action.

Our mindset under our control.

To have a great mindset, you must work on it daily.

Exactly. There is no shortcut to confidence, believing in yourself, handling failures, or being able to take steps to expand yourself, your business and your creativity.

You have to practice the basics every day. It’s an emotional hygiene we grow. You need to be proactive rather than reactive, so when things do pop up, you can handle them and continue forward.

Practicing your mindset means…

  • Identifying limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs
  • Deciding what failure means
  • Getting yourself to do things you don’t really want to do
  • Handling disappointment and rejection
  • Being consistent in your efforts to build yourself and your business
  • Learning something new
  • Making decisions
  • Taking actions that make you terrified
  • Creating the emotions you need.. confidence, passion, curiosity, determination, creativity, and whatever else that helps you get things done.
  • Forming mutually beneficial relationships
  • Focusing on what you can give, not what you can get.

The real secret for an incredible mindset

The real secret to having a great mindset it that it comes from the heart, is fueled by passion and inspired by creativity.

In the heart there is no fear, worry and doubt, only kindness, love and compassion. Bring passion, and there is energy, excitement, and drive to do and achieve. Combine it with creativity for incredible inspiration that will lead to new discoveries and realizations for never-ending expansion.

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