Taking a quantum leap forward

I don’t bother with resolutions anymore.

I tried writing them all out on New Year’s Eve only to watch myself systematically abandon them all, sometimes in a matter of days.

Year after year.

I never set myself up for success. I would pick things that weren’t concrete with no plan how to make them happen, and they were often habits I wanted to break, but I didn’t know what to do instead.

The resolutions are a joke and not just for me. A high percentage of us fail with them. I certainly haven’t been serious about them, so I laughed at them instead. Just write them down and that way you are sure never to do them. This attitude is really just a cover for the pain.

Failing was painful. I felt shame in my lack of commitment to myself and the progress I wanted, which made me feel even worse.

So I quit resolutions a few years ago.

But I still want progress and not just a little. A want a lot. That’s why I’m trying something new.

This year I want a quantum leap forward. And do it without driving myself into the ground. I don’t know what is possible, but I am going to find out.

Going for it

A quantum leap means massive growth.

I want to turn everything around in my life. I’d like a quantum leap in the usual measures of success, better business, more opportunities, better relationships.

But I want really want more. I want a quantum leap as a person.

Quantum leaps begin on the inside

One thing I’ve learned from coaching is that quantum leaps start on the inside.

You can change a behavior, take up a new interest, change an unproductive habit. All this is nice, but it’s not enough for massive growth.

These are like patches. Outward changes. They help, don’t get me wrong. I’ve done many of them. But most don’t stick unless I update my programming on the inside. This is the hard part.

Changing how you feel about yourself

This is what it’s really about. If you want to take a quantum leap, you have to change how you view yourself, what you believe, the stories you tell yourself, the meaning and lessons you take away.

None of this is a quick fix or an easy hack. You can’t just do it once and it’s done for life. It takes daily work.

Do you want more confidence, so you can do more?

You have to work on your confidence and what you believe is possible for you every day. Every day. This is hard, but it’s the only way to get a quantum leap forward.

I’m interested in personal growth, new ideas and creativity, and finding new actions to take every day that take me forward. I want progress.

If you want a quantum leap forward this year, then join me. Keep updated and learn more. Let’s make this year the best yet.