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Smash your inner resistances

You know that feeling…

There is something you really want to do, need to do.

It would help your business.

Starting a blog, starting your business, writing a newsletter, a social media post, a follow up on an inquiry. Or it can be to make a big change, add a new service, talking to more people, making new connections.

And all you feel is the resistance.

But you want to build your business.

You try to shake it and tell yourself it will be helpful. That you need to do it now. You must do it now. You try guilt and shame too. And still that blockage won’t budge.

You feel it in your mind and your heart too maybe. It’s keeping you from getting to what you want to do most. Build your dream business.

Nearly everyone who runs their own business or who has created anything new has had to face this at some point. They are the creative resistances.

Some manage to put it aside forever and get to work. The writer Ray Bradbury said to just get at it. Stop thinking so hard and do.

It’s great advice. But it might not help.

We are all different and we need our own strategy for overcoming the resistance. There are many, many to try. I have found a few that work easily for me, but there is no guarantee they will help you.

My number one resistance-easer is to remember that life is short. I want to create a great business more than I want to sit and wait till I feel “alright” inside about it. That takes too long. I want my business to grow now, so I find something to do to help it along, no matter what it is. Even a small step is a step in the right direction.

I don’t let the size of the task or how it might turn out to be bother me either.

Those are unknowns. I have to be alright with that. We have an internal instinct to fear what we don’t know, but working on your business doesn’t need a physical safety check (or I really hope it doesn’t!)

Ideas to ease your resistance

Here are a few very easy resistance-busters that could help you get back to growing. They are super easy, so give them a try next time you start feeling that block coming your way.

Prime yourself.

Do something before you start to put yourself in a strong, creative, confident mindset. This strategy is easily done.

Write a few sentences with words like “business,” “marketing,” “writing,” “confidence” and those sorts of words. Or tailor the words to what you need to work on specifically.

The sentences don’t have to have any great meaning or point. It can be a journal entry, but it doesn’t have to be. This sort of language exercise has been shown to affect behavior in research studies, so give it a try!

Make yourself a starting ritual

Many people use a little ritual as a signal to themselves that it is time to get to work. No more delaying.

Some people take a cup of coffee or tea. Others take a walk or meditate. It isn’t important what it is. Just pick something you do to remind yourself it’s time to sit down and get to work. Once you get that cup of coffee, you won’t have any reason to procrastinate any longer.

Find your little ritual and give it a try.

Do a warm-up exercise

This is a great resistance easer because it throws you right in without an expectation of creating anything in particular although it’s fine to also. There is nothing to fear because whatever your warm up is there is no real point to it.

I’ve just been using it lately and it’s magical.

My resistance sometimes comes not so much in delaying but an uncertainty in what I want to write for example. All my ideas seem to flee when I am ready to get started for some reason. (It’s always much easier when I have some writing already started!)

So I do a little warm-up writing. It can be anything as long as it isn’t something that really matters in a big way. A short poem, a journal entry, a few notes and idea brainstorms. It doesn’t take long before ideas start flowing in. And that is just the way it works, isn’t it?

Ideas and inspiration often come while we are engaged in our work. So put this idea to work for you.

If it is something else other than writing, you can do a little warm up too. For instance if you need to work on a video, do a warm-up on video. Just record yourself talking about something. Or do something silly for the camera.

Don’t forget all the great benefits of finding ways to smash your inner resistances!

You get more done. You reach more people. You find more clients. Your business grows and grows.

Smashing your inner resistances is too important not to do.


Resistance is common for creative business owners, but you don’t need to let it stop you or hold you back. Often it’s a matter of mindset and a little preparation.

The important thing is not to let yourself get to focused on the resistance or it will just become even harder.

Instead, find a way around it. Try one of the above strategies and make it part of your daily start.

I hope they help!