Search for Beauty

Hello, life-designers,

I hope this has been a week filled with growth, the search for personal truth and progress in letting go of the old.

Visits to Old Swedish Churches

One of the things I’ve enjoyed doing the past few years is vising as many of Sweden’s old churches as I can find. Often they are open in the summer for visitors. The rest of the year they are closed.

My interest has nothing to do with religion. I love to see the old handwork, the murals and the feeling of being in an old place. The grounds are always beautifully kept, and there is rarely anyone else there. It’s a perfect time for a few moments of inner reflection.

This is one of the pulpits at one of the churches I visited this year. It would be from the 1600s. You can see the amazing carving and painting. It’s truly fascinating how much work they put into decorating the churches.

Here is a close up of the carved figures. It’s hard to even fully appreciate the work that went into this in a short visit. There is so much to take in. So many details.

My favorite part of this one is the hourglass an arm sticking out of the wall is holding.

It definitely feels humorous looking at it today, although it was likely meant as a stern reminder of the short time you have here on earth.


I’ve been hitting the markers hard this week again. I do find myself enjoying them far more than I ever have.

The key to making these drawings interesting is all in the color and shapes. I’ve been trying to be more free with the way I use color, and I’ve made progress, but I have a long way to go. It’s a little box I keep myself in. As in life, there is great freedom when you can burst out of the box, so keep banging on the walls.

I rarely write on my artwork for a reason.. but in all honesty, the imperfection of my hand makes it way more interesting. And that’s true of everything in life. Perfection is an illusion we pretend exists that we use to torment ourselves with.

I hope this will be a great week. Keep dreaming of what you want from life and keep striving to create it little by little.