Joy Journal

This type of journal helps you to discover what brings you joy, what sets you on fire, and what awakens your passions.

When you feel these strong emotions you will bring more of yourself, your energy and your creativity to whatever you do.

Joy journals aren’t appreciation journals. Those are helpful too, but the point here is to help you learn more about yourself and find a direction in life that feels right to you.

This journal is really a two-step process. The first is action. This is important, because this brings discovery. It is what creates emotion within you. The second step is to notice and reflect on how those actions make you feel.

A joy journal is perfect when you feel disconnected from yourself and others, and when you are uncertain about you are doing, the direction you are heading. The main goal is to help you feel more connection and to find a direction that feels right to you.

Moving into action

Start with the actions you already take and observe how you feel about them.

Then add new actions, especially if you aren’t finding much joy in the things you already do. It is often a matter of trial and error. We have to look for what feels right to us. It can take a long time for some of us.

You need to make sure there is plenty of action. It’s easy to fall into patterns of over-thinking, but they never bring you much wisdom or understanding. You need to know what brings you joy, and the only way to know that is to discover it by doing a lot.

When you act, you build clarity. This never comes from thinking.

When you do things, it brings emotions. It’s these emotions that tell you if something is wrong or right for you. If you feel no joy, then keep trying new things. You will find something that lights the spark within you.

Notice your joy

Start noticing how those actions make you feel. What brings you joy, that excites you and makes you want more?

Ask yourself this often. You may find most of your joy comes from family and friends. This is good to notice and appreciate. It builds good feelings inside us that give life more meaning.

Moving beyond those things, you want to notice what you do in your job, your business, your hobbies and for others. The goal is to discover those actions that feel right to you. Remember the goal is to find an idea or direction that is right to you.

Do this journaling for at least thirty days.

After a month, you can start looking for patterns. What is happening when you are most inspired? What lights you up? What do you want to do more of?

Write it all down. Then review it.

If you don’t find patterns, take more action and keep noticing. Eventually you will find things that feel good to you.

Leave aside the perfectionism.

This is more and more of a challenge for us.

The percent of people that worry about being perfect is increasing. Nothing is ever perfect or can ever be perfect. Images you see are manipulated to make you think that things are perfect, but don’t be fooled.

Life is a rehearsal, it’s practice every day. For everything we do, including finding joy and purpose in life. Built in everything is mistakes, missteps, accidents. Those can be beautiful too. They teach us, and sometimes those mistakes lead to new discoveries and paths that can be deeply rewarding.

Don’t let perfectionism kill your joy.

Good luck with your joy journal! May it lead you to your joy.