One thing most people don’t do


If there was one thing that would help you succeed would you do it?

I sure would. And I hope you would too. For years and years I haven’t done this one thing. Or I would for short bursts of time, then I would get discouraged about something and fall away into an abyss.

The one thing that most people aren’t doing is to believe in themselves.

Many people who have any kind of big goal or something they want to achieve are actually very afraid to do this. I’ve spoken to many people, they have their big goal, something they are passionate about, and yet, they refuse to believe in themselves.

This is my major struggle in life. I was afraid to even embrace big dreams because I didn’t think I could accomplish them. I had no belief in myself.

The problem is that not believing in yourself is extremely limiting. You will have a hard time living to your potential.

On the other hand, deciding to believe in yourself opens the world to you. And you really don’t want to let your life pass by without daring to give yourself this.

No more excuses!

Have you been using excuses?

You are not alone in this. Most of us make excuses when we don’t want to take a risk and believe in ourselves. It disguises the problem. And so we make it into that there is something wrong on the outside instead of on the inside.

Even the excuses can be disguised. They are extremely hard to recognize at times.

I’ve put together a short list of common excuses I’ve heard lately, and even some I’ve been using myself. I know most of these pretty well, how about you?

  • There are already a lot of people so good at this.
  • I don’t have anything interesting or new to add.
  • I lack the skills and time to do something.
  • I feel like I am just faking it.
  • It’s too hard for me.
  • Other people are just naturally good at it.

What do you think? Do any of these strike close to home?

These excuses have two things in common: they are all based on doubts about yourself.

And secondly, they are all solvable too (for the most part). You can’t really do anything about the number of people that are good at your field, but you can certainly become one of the best if you want.

So many people don’t believe in themselves

When I started coaching and mentoring people in online classes, I was really surprised at how many people don’t believe in themselves. About all sorts of things, but especially things they really want to do.

Here is where it really hurts too, deep down in the heart.

Imagine your favorite activity or your dream career, and instead of going for it, you sabotage yourself at every turn with lame excuses and terrible comments to yourself.

Worry, doubt, fear, and anxiety are built on not believing in yourself. You could believe in your ability to handle what is ahead, if you chose to instead of focusing on your unworthiness.

The main problems with not believing in yourself

There two big problems with not believing in yourself

You don’t try.

When you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t even try.

As already mentioned above you make excuses, rationalizations, justifications, procrastinations, or you decide to be lazy and do nothing.

You use these to give you reasons for not making a move.

And these distract you from the reality that you simply don’t believe in yourself and your abilities.

I have done all this too. And I still do. It takes a lot of work to rub it all out and believe in yourself.

It’s risky to believe in yourself.

You may fail, you may struggle, you may not be perfect. Or you may find yourself soaring and learning tremendous amounts of useful life lessons. You may reach your dream or you may find it takes you somewhere else.

You limit yourself

When you don’t believe you can do something for any reason, you put limitations on what you can accomplish. You limit what you can become, and you limit how much you can grow and develop yourself.

You really don’t want to do this to yourself. It doesn’t serve you, nor anyone around you.

There is so much you are capable of. Things that might surprise you, that you might never guess. So don’t place these sorts of limitations on yourself.

Smash those fears

It’s easier to be afraid. You know this as we all do. Often you don’t even know what you are afraid of. Fears become too huge and amorphous.

If you take a moment to write out those fears, they aren’t so big anymore. They have shape and definition. You can take them one by one and chances are most of them aren’t life-threatening.

It is easier to not make an effort. You and I both know how nice it is to sit back and do nothing or to just watch TV instead.

It’s comfortable on the couch, isn’t it? Yes, I know. But it doesn’t get your anywhere either.

When you start believing in yourself and your abilities, you realize you are need to take risks. This can be extremely scary to make this jump.

You don’t get to be safe all the time anymore.

It is risky. You still might fail even when you believe you will succeed. Or if you want to take a growth mindset, you will realize there is more for you to learn before you are able to succeed.

Jump into believing in yourself

Take the jump from wherever you are right now.

Start believing in yourself. Start small. One small way you can have new faith in yourself and your abilities to handle what is ahead. Can you think of one thing in your life that needs you to believe in yourself?

For me, it’s believing I can be stronger and in better shape.

I’ve delayed many years taking on a strength-training routine. I’ve developed one slowly, but I find myself forgetting or delaying although it’s something I really want to do. I need to believe I can do it and get the results I want. For some, this is nothing, but for me it’s not that easy, and that’s all that matters. It’s a risk to believe I can because then I am committed both with time and to the pain of growth. As I my belief in myself in this area grows, I push myself harder and my commitment increases.

Make the choice now to believe in yourself.

If you have trouble deciding think of the cost of not believing in yourself. How great is your life going to be without believing you can do it?

You deserve better. You are have talents and abilities that are far greater than you have ever dreamed of. You only have to believe in yourself long enough to unlock them.


Most people have trouble at some point in their life with believing in themselves. It limits your potential because you often use your negative self-belief to make excuses why you won’t even try.

When you decide to grow your self-belief, you open your future up. You have a freedom and possibility that you can’t access any other way. You can lessen feelings of doubt, worry, anxiety and fear by believing in yourself and your abilities to handle what life throws in your way.

If you struggle with believing in yourself, take it slow and work on growing it every day. Make this choice for yourself today, so you can have a better day today and a better future tomorrow.

When you find a way to believe in yourself, both your present and your future open up.

You know your worth, you know you have skills and will develop more, and you now have all the reason you need to start making moves outside your comfort zone.

You will also find yourself making fewer comparisons to others, which makes it easier to appreciate their talents and to learn from them instead of waste time envying them.