One great habit to keep yourself growing

There is one thing that will lead to steady growth throughout your life.

Well, there are many, but this one you is easy you can make work for you however suits you best.

And that is to feed your mind.

It’s extremely important to continually add new knowledge to your internal database. This life strategy needs to have a place in your life design. It makes it so much better.

So many people I have met and coached don’t bother. They just go through the motions of the daily grind without thinking of what more they need to know about themselves and the world.

Why you need to keep learning

Many of the reasons are obvious to you. I won’t go through those. But there are a few less obvious reasons to consider.

Prepare and anticipate

Coming trends are opportunities, not just for business but for personal growth.

It is extremely hard thing to do. Many of us fail to even think about what is coming beyond our own set of personal anxieties. One way to help yourself avoid it is to read current books and articles, not just in your field, but in the broader culture.

Sources of ideas

You need new influences.

You know you won’t get too far without new ideas. And that is really difficult if you don’t add new information to your inner mix.

What you read becomes the seeds of new ideas you use in your life. This leads to the growth you need. I am constantly seeking out new idea from a variety of sources. The ideas have led to tremendous growth.

Broaden our perspective

Everything you learn adds to how you view the world.

Sometimes your current perspective needs to be updated. It helps with new ideas, but it does more than that. It helps us appreciate what we have, and also it helps us understand other people.

Keep your mind in peak condition

Have you ever felt rusty mentally?

I have. It isn’t a nice feeling. There are times when I haven’t challenged myself. I felt the disuse of my mind keenly. It was a terrible feeling. I turned it around by getting piles of new books to read and challenging myself with new subjects.

We have to keep using our minds to keep them in top form. This means reading, testing our memory, challenging ourselves, and learning something new.

Some people try puzzles and mental games. Those are fine, but you don’t need games. Any time you learn something new you are forming new mental connections. Return often to cement those new connections.

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What to learn

This is always a personal choice.

There are so things to learn about and places to learn, not just books but experiences too.

Dare to break out of your typical pattern and try something new.

Biographies, art books, novels, poetry, history, science, even the news can be. Find something to be inspired by.

Sometimes we fixate on certain mega billionaires and other super successful people. But they are not the only ones you can learn from. Everybody has something to teach us if we are open to hearing them.

Keep on learning

Find something today that will teach you, inspire you and motivate you. Make it a practice to do this everyday without a break. I do this daily. It fills me with ideas, new thoughts, and makes life richer. I enjoy learning and will never stop.

If you need a little help to get you on the right track, why not make it a thirty day challenge to spend 20-30 minutes reading something that educates you each day.

This is going to help you directly and indirectly to improve your life.

Light the fire within you

Being enlightened is nice, too nice. Go bigger. Find something to learn that energizes you, inspires and motivations, and sets a fire burning.

There is so much to be excited about. Find what excites you and makes you want to know more. If you do this, you’ll never lack for energy or motivation to learn more.


Feeding your mind is a strategy everyone needs in their life in order to grow.

Read from the best books you can find that educate, inspire and motivate. This practice will give you new ideas, expand your outlook, and keep your brain working at its best.

Make it a challenge, make it fun and always enjoy improvements to yourself no matter how small. Everything in life is incremental and adds up to huge changes and benefits if you keep on the course.

You deserve the growth that comes from feeding your mind.