Micromoving to your dream life

Have you ever considered how it is that you get yourself over your head?
Or how it is that you get out.

The answer lies in micromoves.

I came across this idea recently. You can use them to understand how your life and everything in it evolve over time. Most situations we find ourselves in are the work of years.

Every destination or goal you want or don’t want is determined by your micromoves.

How can you use this idea to better your life?

First let’s understand what a micromove is.

What exactly is a micro move?

Micromoves are the tiniest of actions you take. So small that they seem inconsequential. But they are very important in steering your direction. And you aren’t even aware of many of them. This you can change, and we’ll get to that shortly.

They may seem too small to matter, but in series, micromoves form the dance of life. The back and forth, action and reaction, a direction towards one thing and away from another.

They steer you towards a destiny so they really are important.

Are you paying attention to your micromoves?

Think about this. In an average day, you can list all your achievements.

But that list ignores all the micromoves. All those little things you did over the day to lead to that achievement. One micromove at a time you create great or terrible relationships, achieve goals, transform your health.

Those bigger actions and achievements, are all a series of micromoves.

The dinner you made your family. The extra set at the gym. The effort to greet your coworkers. All these little things add up to creating a great home life, terrific health, and beneficial relationships at work.

3 Micromoves: proactive, reactive and neglect

Micromoves can be chunked down into these three categories. This will help understand how you can intentionally use them.

Proactive micromoves

These are the ones you do to purposefully go towards something.

It could be doing something nice for your partner, as small as pouring their coffee. Or deciding not to eat the last few bites of dinner because you’re satisfied. All of these are so tiny, yet they add up.

They send you in a certain direction.

Reaction micromoves

These are the little things you do in reaction to someone else or an event.

You decide to always thank someone or give them something in return. Or you let yourself get caught in a surge of emotion when someone says something you don’t like, and you respond in that place.

These are all reactions to something, either helpful or unhelpful.

Micromoves of neglect

These are all too common. They are often based on lack of awareness. And they can do a lot of damage in the long run.

For example, you forget to give others small acknowledgments, or you aren’t even aware someone is waiting for a response, so you don’t answer an email.

None of these are intentional and are very hard to completely avoid. But awareness and communication will help.

What is it that you want to move towards?

You can see all these micromoves are small shifts toward a result that you may or may not want.

Part of the challenge in dealing with your micromoves is to know that all the little things you do are taking you somewhere.

Be clear with exactly what you want.

  • Do you want a better relationship with your partner?
  • Do you want to be healthier?
  • Do you want to be creative and learn more?
  • Do you want to develop your career?
  • Do you want to find greater inner peace?

What are the micromoves you can take today that will lead you towards these goals?

Start your dance of micromoves

Each micromove takes you to a different place than you were before, without you even being aware of the process. That’s the beauty of micromoves. They are small enough not to cause fear and doubt to creep in like big actions do.

Once you have taken the first step of your dance, you take another step, and another. You create the series. You make the pattern with each new move.

You have the opportunity today to decide which micromoves to take right now. What is the rhythm of the dance going to be for you?

Creating greater awareness

Now for the really important part. Increasing awareness. Here are a few techniques to build greater awareness of your micromoves.

Write them down

Your journal is the perfect place for writing down those little micromoves. Any sort of little action you made is worth mentioning. Your journal will help you to process and understand what moves you are making, the outcome of them, and what to do next.

Observe yourself and others

You can step back and see the bigger picture through observation.

This allows you to see those little actions in relation to everything else. You can see how a small move can create big impact. The chain of events is clear.

By stepping back you also keep yourself from getting lost in emotions and thoughts that can cause unhelpful reactions. It makes it easier to not to let the micromoves of others cause you to make your own micromoves in response. You are able to become more proactive with your micromoves to go towards results that you want whether it’s building relationships, getting better health, or to change career paths.

Realize the difference between good and bad.

Good and bad micromoves are not equal.

You can’t balance out a bad one with one good move.

For instance, regarding relationships, it takes about 5-6 positive interactions to balance 1 bad. That’s a tough balance.

Or those extra bites of chocolate cake are going to take a lot longer to burn off than it took to eat them.

Building awareness can help you see patterns where you are making bad reactive micromoves and switch them to something more positive.

Taking responsibility

Ultimately, deciding your micromoves is an act of responsibility and a step towards living by living life by design.

It is the admission that the little things you do or don’t do really do matter.

We want to believe that our circumstances are the result of something outside our influence, but that is not the case. You are not a victim.

You want a beautiful life, but you don’t want your actions to matter. I tried living like this for awhile. It was like lying to myself at every moment. And I so desperately wanted the lies to be true!

The truth is your micro moves matter. Every one of them matters.

You create the life you want or don’t want little by little.

And at any time you can decide to start taking micromoves towards the life you really do want.


Micromoves are minute actions that we often overlook or forget we are doing, but they can have a lasting impact. They are the dance that moves you towards or away from your goals.

By becoming more aware of them, you increase your influence over the dance of life. You can actively choose micromoves that will develop your life in the way that you want.

Each micromove is an act of taking responsibility for your own life and what it becomes. It is part of making a fierce self-commitment.

I hope you find the idea of micromoving useful. And most of all, I hope it helps!