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Marketing is opening Relationships

Have you ever thought about how marketing is really an invitation to begin a relationship?

It took me a long time to understand this, then it made far more sense.

You are inviting another person to get to know you and your business and what you can offer them. It’s another way of looking at marketing that can make it easier on you. You don’t need to chase and sell and wheedle and convince. You just need to bring in your relationship skills.

Another way of describing this is to do empathy-based marketing. The focus is on showing your customers that you care and appreciate them. This matters a lot.

People want to hear from you

In signing up for your newsletter, people are telling you, they want to know what you have to say. By becoming a follower, people are telling you they are interested in your messages. When they stop by your blog and read your posts, they are coming to you because they like your ideas. They like what you say, how you say it and most importantly, how you make them feel.

So, let’s give them more of what they want. Let them know what your offers are. Let them know you are there and care about them. Use these relationships you create as a way to present yourself and your business. It’s that simple.

It’s always simple to say, harder to do, so let’s chunk this down.

What would do differently?

Below is a series of questions to think about if you made your marketing relationship- and empathy-focused rather than cold marketing where you chase sales, closings, and hires.

  • How would you speak to your audience?
  • How often would you communicate?
  • What would you tell them?
  • What would you want them to know about what you offer?
  • How would you want to make them feel?

These questions focus on what you can do for others because that’s really the key, and your marketing can reflect that. Let your audience and customers know what you are bringing to the relationship. It’s important to make sure it’s relevant, clear and tantalizing.

If you are a coach, healer, creative or offer some other service, you know that these relationships with future, former and possible clients are extremely important. Even people that aren’t likely to ever be a client could lead to one if they refer a friend. These relationships are something you understand as a coach and creative.

Your whole business is relationship-based, and so should your marketing.

It doesn’t and shouldn’t be icky. Talking to people that are interested in what you do, doesn’t need to be a painful thing. You should be ready to do it at any time, and if you aren’t then it’s time to find a friend willing to practice with you, or at the very least practice saying your unique selling point to yourself until it feels right.

Remember, focus on showing that you care and making them feel good about you. That is the opposite of pushy marketing.

Marketing through relationships

With this thought in mind, you can consider how you are going to market your business by understanding the relationships you are forming. The focus will be on making you more approachable and empathetic, and your service more appealing without any of that ick-factor that ruins everything.

What can you do to create and maintain your relationship with your audience and potential clients?

Show you care

This is one of the most important things to do. Be empathetic, understanding, kind, and don’t waste valuable time with irrelevant things. The focus should always be on what you can do to help them, and showing them that you care about their concerns.


Show up regularly

Don’t be a stranger to those that have chosen to sign up or follow you. They did it for a reason, so don’t be someone that forgets them. Decide on a frequency that works for you and them and stick to it as best you can. A dead blog makes it look like no one is home. An abandoned social media account looks like you don’t care. Clean up the debris and focus your efforts so it works for you.

Offer outstanding ideas

People love ideas that help them. It can be a quick idea or one that needs a longer description, but keep them coming. I know it takes effort to keep the ideas rolling, but don’t give up. It will get easier as you do it more.

Create an incredibly valuable service they can buy

This is where you are serving your audience. Create something that is irresistible. You will have to understand and watch them to do this. Perhaps listen too, but people don’t always say what they mean, but they do what matters to them. Your audience is waiting for you to create something they really want and need, so work on this and be sure to tell them about it in the right way.

Answer problems and inquiries

Make your customer service excellent. This is worth a lot and people really appreciate your quick responses. Answer questions and problems as fast as you can, and make sure your clients and customers feel satisfied. Go the extra mile and surprise them with an extra. Everyone likes feeling like they are getting an extra value.

Don’t pester

Pestering isn’t going to make people sign up with you. Remind them you are there and the excellent services and products you offer, but don’t ask them to buy repeatedly. Those marketing messages end up in spam, or they will unsubscribe from you. You wouldn’t do this to a friend, so don’t do this to people you don’t know. Respect them the attention they freely give you.

Remember trust-building

All relationships need trust including business. It isn’t given automatically, so think about how to apply the above ideas so you become more trustworthy. Show them you will always be there, show them that your ideas really work and will solve problems. Let them know you have many more that could help them.

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When you make your marketing relationship-based, you can easily remove a lot of the ick-factor from marketing.

Use your relationships skills to bring your audience and potential clients incredible value along with ideas and tips that will help them learn to trust you.

Show you care in all you do through your business. Your customers and clients won’t forget how you made them feel.

When you create great business relationships, you open up the possibilities for clients and customers to come your way, and you make it much easier on yourself. Marketing your business doesn’t have to be hard, you just need to open communication and bring irresistible value by showing that you understand your audience.

What can you do to open new relationships today?

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