Let yourself be you

Do you ever feel like you have become out of touch with who you are?

From deep down to the surface, do you ever feel like you are living someone else’s life?

You aren’t alone if you feel like this.

I spent so many years trying to people-please and attempting to live up to expectations. I lost myself trying to do this, my dreams, my sense of self, and who I wanted to become.

True self-commitment gives you boundaries to stop this from happening because it gives you a strong sense of loyalty and love for yourself.

If you want to have the life of your dreams, you must be willing to make this commitment to be yourself no matter what happens.

Here are a list of ten things you can do that have helped me.

Ten steps to be more yourself

Embrace your creativity

Your creativity is your self-expression.

Add it to everyday activities, especially the routine ones that need some fun. It adds layers of you everywhere. Remember, no one else does things quite like you, so use your self expression into your life.

Accept your raw emotions

In our rawest emotion, we are most open and vulnerable.

We often associate this with weakness, but it’s a strength. It’s a true expression of your inner life. It is being you. You don’t need to direct them at others, but you do need to understand those raw emotions and what they tell you.

Live in your heart

Move out of your head and into your heart, and you create an entirely different experience.

You find love, kindness and compassion for yourself and others. In your heart, you are not angry, overwhelmed or anxious. In your heart, you live at peace with who you are. This is a beautiful thing to pass to others.

Let go

You have to let go of the past to realize who you really are.

You are not the past. Those are just experiences you had. You don’t need to keep reliving them or feeling the old emotions. Let them go. Become the present you instead of the old version.

Forgive, forget, start a new story today.

Be present with yourself

When we are present with ourselves, we are accepting, we are in a zone where we can solve problems and notice how we are feeling and reacting.

If this feels hard, then practice for just a couple minutes a day by imagining how it feels to be present with yourself. You will experience a gradual shift into presence.

Connect with your inner self

You need to find a good way to connect with your inner self.

Sometimes we use sadness, depression and guilt as a way to connect with ourselves and seek the comfort we want. There are other ways to get this connection that are more empowering.

You might try writing, walking, a creative hobby or time to relax and enjoy.

Get physical

Exercise and move.

There are so many benefits to exercise, like health, self-care, and the chance to push yourself to do things you didn’t know you could. It’s really one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It helps body, mind and emotions.

Discover the emotions you want more of

Have you ever considered what emotions you really want more of in your life?

Love, joy, freedom, security, adventure, confidence, inspiration, respect, fun, wonder, passion, or whatever calls to you.

After you identify which emotions are important to you, practice creating more of them in your lives by inviting them in. Focus on the things that allow you to feel them and make it easy.

Develop empowering beliefs and stories

What sort of self-talk do you engage in?

I know at times mine has been terrible. When I do that, I am crushing my own spirit, and it’s no way to feel like I can be more myself, more like the opposite.

What are the beliefs you have had about yourself? What stories do you have that don’t serve you? How can you change them so you believe in yourself and are free to be yourself?

Make better decisions

Your everyday decisions determine your path and this leads to your ultimate destination.

When we end up in messes, it’s seldom the result of one decision, but rather the result of a long line of small decisions. Choose to make your decisions in a way that takes you towards what you want in life.

We can never know outcomes, but we can influence outcomes by making decisions ourselves instead of letting life or others make it. Making these conscious decisions is another step to being yourself.


There is nobody else like you, so you have to be the best version of you.

Make this commitment to yourself be more yourself from the inside out. It requires being intentional about yourself and your life.

Use your creativity and decide what you want to create for yourself and who you want to be, so you feel more fully alive, more excited and more in love with your own life.