Learning to just do it

You’re familiar with the Nike logo.

You are also familiar with how hard it can be to just do it. Whatever it is. A healthier lifestyle, developing your business, doing your creative work, sitting down to write or hitting the publish button.

Resistance is your old friend.

Today I want to share a few things that have helped me to get better at just doing it.

It’s something you need to learn

You should be clear about this. It’s a skill. You can actually do away with your resistances. I know because I’ve managed to do it.

Not all that long ago, I took a personality test, the ennagram test. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Supposedly it’s more accurate over a longer period of time than some of the others.

My main personality was 4, but I had a bit of another in me. This one said that people with this personality tended to think more than they do. I definitely saw myself in that. I like to think a lot. I thought about tons and tons of stuff that would be cool to do. Yet I did none of it.

I decided I needed to do things differently.

So I started down a path of learning to just do it instead of delay it. Since then, I’ve accomplished way more than I have in ages. Being able to just do it is a skill, and like all skills you can build it up.

You can overcome nearly all of the resistance. It will free you to express yourself more fully and to feel at greater easy while creating.

Here are a few things that helped me:

Finding a subject

You might know what you need to write about. That always helps. Sometimes you need to dig up an idea on your own. This is a challenge sometimes.

I try to make it easy. I keep a running list of ideas. I read a lot and write down things that I think are interesting and worth expanding on. Often when I’m ready to write, I find a brand new idea. These come indirectly from my list. They may be offshoots or a mixture of ideas I have. Other times I take something directly from the list.

Finding subjects has been a problem for me at times. There have been times when it took forever to find new subject. I have finally learned keep it simple for myself. Forget trying to find the perfect subject that hits all your buttons and inspires you.

Find one that makes it possible to get going instead. Or start from nothing and let the words guide you. This works too.

The start ritual

Having a little preparation ritual often helps you quite a lot.

It gets your mind in the right place. And once the ritual is done, it’s time to start. There is no choice and nothing else to do but get going.

One thing I do is a little reading of articles that make me feel encouraged and full of ideas. I stash away some of the ideas to let my subconscious work on. Then I spend about half an hour reading and then I am ready to write.

Cultivating the right emotions and mindset

This is a big part of my daily ritual. You have inner resources that can be a great help to you if you access them. There are many ways to do this, so I will only detail a couple powerful ones that have helped me substantially.

I get out of my chair and move.

There is nothing like creating energy by movement. You can make powerful moves that tell your brain you are strong and confident and can do anything. It might sound dorky, but it works. Test it out. Stand up and slouch, hang your shoulders, let your head sag. Now think of how well you will write in this position.

You probably won’t produce your best stuff.

Now stand up straight, shoulders back, head up. Think of how your writing would be if you had this feeling with you. Hopefully, it will charge up your writing.

I talk to myself

Words matter. What you tell yourself matters, especially the things you say over and over. I make a conscious choice to tell myself things that are helpful for creating.

I don’t care how silly it is. It works. I tell myself like, “I can express myself fully and powerfully.” I won’t detail them all, but you have the idea. Give it a try, and say them like you mean them.

Believe your words.

Emotions such as energy, passion, joy, enthusiasm and creativity will help you feel more motivation than if you are depressed, lazy, sad and frustrated. In most cases anyways. That isn’t to say those other emotions aren’t useful. Everything is useful, but you must find the right use for them.

When it comes to inspiration, you need to find what works for you and make it easy to feel it.

Resistances are emotional games

Think about it.

Everything you do or don’t do is because how you think it will make you feel. And that is a guessing game you play with yourself. Stop trying to guess. Just sit down, do some work and then see how you feel.

We are creatures of emotion not logic. There is a whole science called behavioral economics for you to study if you want to know more.

When you think of something like writing, that you really want to do and need to do, your brain is hard at work guessing how it is going to feel to sit down and do it. If you feel resistant, it’s because your brain is convinced it is going to hurt. You have to tell yourself that’s silly. It won’t hurt a bit. Or better yet, sit down and how yourself it won’t hurt.

To make it worse, you pile on more emotions. The longer you let the resistance hold you back. Fear, doubt, worry, uncertainty, unworthiness, guilt, shame, and on. Now you are really blocked.

I’ve been here too. For years.

The sooner you learn to detach from those emotions, the easier it is to just do it.

Make a choice

Everything always boils down to the simple choice. Everything else is just extra stuff to make your mind more comfortable or to convince you.

The choice cuts away all else and focuses you on what is at stake.

Either you just do it and get the benefits: learning, progress, growing your audience, expressing yourself and more.

Or don’t do it and make excuses why you can’t, why things aren’t right, why it’s too hard and too risky. The only benefit you get from this is staying where it’s comfortable.

Do what few manage to do. Overcome what keeps you from your progress.

Find your creative freedom

True freedom is possible. When you learn to just do it, everything opens up for you.

You can take risks, you can explore you own creativity, you can grow, you can create. You are able to express yourself fully.

It is an amazing feeling.


Being able to just do it is something that you can learn. It’s worth finding out what it is for you that allows you to overcome those inner resistances.

Choose to make it easier on yourself. Make it easy to find subjects that let you write without the need to delay.

Find what works for you. You can use rituals and create emotions inside yourself that allow you to just do it. You don’t need to overthink, over-analyze or get wrapped up in feelings of inadequacy or fear. Leave all that behind and you make it much easier on yourself.

In the end, it’s all a choice. You either do it and get the benefits. Or you don’t and make excuses instead. It’s up to you.

Which will serve you best?